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Invest in The Gambia, invest in the future

My Magazine 2022/03
6 min
Welcome to the Smiling Coast of Africa. The country of a great sense of hospitality. The country of a religious harmony. The country of many cultures welcoming and treating all as one. The country where people greet each other with “Kaira-Be”; “Peace be with you”.

Strong historical and cultural values make The Gambia one of the destinations attractive to the curious explorer. With taking an interest in cultural and historical sites, there is a great potential for further development of the responsible travel destination.

The only country with the plan compatible with the Paris Climate Agreement guards an unspoilt diamond of nature.


The river Gambia is a source of life for the people and animals. It embraces two of the world-known islands; The Baboon Island and Kunta Kinteh Island, which were named as two of the 52 places to visit by The New York Times.

Both islands are part of the mysterious Ninki Nanka Trail. An exploration through a land of a mystical snake-like dragon with shiny scales that lives on the River Gambia.

The Ninki Nanka trail offers a unique adventure of a series of natural and cultural sites, experiences and communities living along the River Gambia. It tells the historical and contemporary story of Gambian life, legends and spiritual beliefs. Spotting for Ninki Nanka from the boat or listening to the mystical stories of villagers by the campfire invites many visitors for lodging in the rural Gambia.

The high potential in renewable sources of energy and unexploited potential of the River Gambia offers many opportunities for investments.

The Gambia holds great potential for investments in accommodation such as ecolodges and campsites that go well with various possibilities of sustainable river activities, such as boat cruises.

The Gambia today is a democratic country with freedom of speech, independent judiciary and anti-corruption bill on the way. Young republic is patiently building its way to better accessibility and global connectivity.

With new projects on the way, the whole North Bank will have 24 hours electricity supply; a second submarine cable will provide more speed and stability to the internet connection; new roads and bridges being built will provide better accessibility and linkage.

The Gambia is becoming more and more welcoming to conference tourism. The Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara Conference Centre has a capacity of over 1000 persons and will be proudly hosting the 2022 OIC summit.

Rehabilitated airport with new airline connections is bringing The Gambia closer to the rest of the world. Short flight duration from Europe makes The Gambia a favourable tropical destination. With input into developing 4- and 5-star hotels, The Gambia will reach the diversity and possibility to attract a wider group of travellers. 

Rice fields with the same borders share the same waters. Welcome to The Gambia.

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