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Yasmina – Resto Bar

My Magazine 2022/03
2 min
Yasmina – the name of this recently refurbished bright spot at the entrance of the Senegambia strip – first brings an exotic middle eastern thought – the new owners of Yasmina have beautifully converted this jewel into an even more beautiful welcome to the Senegambia Strip.

Brightly lit and yet some subtle roadside seating, gives the guests an opportunity to watch both the highway traffic go by, safely distanced by a spacious car park, and the slow-moving traffic entering the strip with the TDA security checkpoint giving passing by vehicles passengers a sneak-peek into Yasmina.

From the Vineyard and Saffron stable, Yasmina retains a continental middle eastern flavour that had made it one of the favourite tourist spots. Clean interiors, and hectic ambience – with cheerful service staff leaves a ”want to come back” feeling.

The menu is vast, and we have had several excellent meals there with good takeaways too. Our steak with mushroom sauce was perfectly done and we really liked our Shrimps in Coconut sauce. Our salad that proceeded the generous portions of the main course had set the mood for a good meal.

Yasmina offers the mix of a roadside lounge, sports TV bar and a great all-day dining experience. Colours, lights and a bustling restaurant – Yasmina has certainly made a difference to the entrance of the Strip being half in and half out. The advantage of parking and entrance without having to drive into the strip makes access all the more easier.

Have a look at the menu. 

Yasmina – Resto Bar

Yasmina has re-opened - under new management with its original menu and more, with respect for its clientele, we aim to maintain the reputation with ...
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