Luxury Getaway: Kololi Sands

My Magazine 2022/03
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Waking up to the cool breeze that gushes from the windows to glaring at the sunrays that shine on the beautiful sea water, this is how luxury living can be defined.

There are many pros of having a sea-facing apartment by Kololi Sands.

The liberty of fresh air

Living in a sea-facing apartment can be beneficial for health since there is less air pollution due to traffic and you can experience a fresh breeze while standing on your home balcony.

The facing view

The sheer view of an apartment facing the sea is a luxury that some might never experience. The facing view definitely brings in a soulful rhythm to mind and body.

Serenity and calm environment

Sea-facing apartments are perfect for people who are looking to have a peaceful environment.


Kololi Sands is just by the beach. Perfectly located for you to sit on your balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with the morning sun warming your neck. Where the hornbill pays a visit looking at itself in the window reflection and where you can easily step out for a swim in the ocean or take a jump into the large turquoise infinity pool with a sea view.

At Kololi Sands you can sit and watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the whole wide world & in the middle of it all a pool bistro where you can sit down enjoying an ice-cold drink watching the serene surroundings.

The apartment complex will have 8 open plan studios of 45m2, 72 spacious apartments with one bedroom of 52m2 to 64m2 & 56 large apartments with two bedrooms of 82m2, all with a terrace or balcony. The majority of the ground floor apartments have got direct access to either a private swim-up pool or a private garden. All apartments are equipped with multi-split air conditioning units, a pre-installed high-end bathroom with a walk-in shower & a modern kitchen.


Kololi Sands

Unique apartment complex on a prime location in Kololi, beach location with 136 apartments, garden, swimming pool, reception and car park. ...
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