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My Magazine 2022/02
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Are you looking for a safe and reliable way to start a small business in The Gambia? Do you want to help your friends and family living here? TukTuk Gambia is here for you. With their guidance, you will save a lot of time for researching and thinking about how to even begin.

TukTuk The Gambia offers a great chance for investment where you can start your business in no time. Buy your own TukTuk and get involved in one of the most demanded services in The Gambia.

They offer 6-seat or 3-seat vehicles. The investment amount for six-sitters is the same as with popular second-hand Mercedes Benz, but the income is double. With three-sitters, you can save 30 percent of your investment while the income generation is the same as with the old second-hand vehicle.

With a simple call, TukTuk Gambia will take care of all paperwork for you, so you can spend your time concentrating on more important things.

The only thing you will need to provide is your full name, address, telephone number and TIN number. After the payment is made, you will get a ready-to-start vehicle, with all documentation, insurance and registration arranged. You will be introduced to the market and your new tuk-tuk and therefore ready to get going.

Once you start operating, TukTuk Gambia's team will be there for you if you will need further support in maintenance, training or business advice. They can even help you find a driver and train them for you. And if you need technical support, they have all spare parts available with a team of well-trained mechanics, which will save you even if you experience a breakdown in the middle of the street.

There are many benefits if you decide to invest in a tuk-tuk rather than in an old second-hand vehicle. It is better for the environment as emissions are far lower. In fact, they follow Euro 6 standard, which means by the limits for harmful exhaust emissions, tuk-tuks are compliant to ride the roads of Berlin, London or Banjul.

Tuktuks are fast, which is one of the key values in the often congested traffic and narrow side roads of The Gambia. The fuel consumption is far lower than with four-wheelers. The six-sitters can take more passengers and therefore enable double income. Your clients will enjoy easy hop-on and hop-off and the coldness of the breeze all along the journey.

You will always have spare parts available for a lower price than any other vehicle. The mechanical team is always ready and can save you many worries if your three-wheeler happens to have any issues.

TukTuk The Gambia has a team full of experience in different fields. With the knowledge about the market and technical team available for support, you won't have to worry about your newly started business. 

Invest today and earn tomorrow. Pick up your phone and make a call.


TukTuk Gambia is a company that provides public transportation, sales and rentals of TukTuk and motorbikes, finance of Tuk Tuk, spare parts and mechan...
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