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Dear readers!

Welcome to our February/March double edition of My Magazine.

Most people in The Gambia are now entering the holy preparation period for significant religious celebrations. This time, especially, shows how vital the connection within society and community is. It is a feeling random voyagers to The Gambia can get if only they want to discover the community's life. 

We at My Gambia are excited that every day more and more explorers and curious travellers are asking for advice as they want to experience The Gambia as a whole, not only as a typical vacation journey to the sunny land with sea. 

The Gambia offers the Easiest Africa Experience and is the perfect choice for those wanting to discover the beauty of the African continent. It is welcoming, amongst the safest, and offers everything in a very small place. From sand, sea, pools, cuisine, natural wonders, animal world, cultural explorations, nature retreats, fine dining, entertainment and events, and music. In a nutshell, all that makes a stay colourful and wholesome. 

Come and explore this magical country with us. First, by reading all the stories and introductions to places and culture, and then by experiencing it yourself. 

Enjoy reading, listening and watching!

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Did you enjoy this article? Share it with friends
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