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The GLOVE Project

My Magazine 2022/02
2 min
The GLOVE Project is a charitable organisation registered in both The Gambia and UK. We are the only organisation in the Gambia that works intensively with the Rehabilitation and reintegration of Child Amputees, Children who have had a leg Amputated.

We work tirelessly to ensure each child has a good fitting prosthetic, which we will fund. The child moves onto an extensive Rehabilitation programme which is mostly residential in the first instance and where we train the child to be able to use the prosthetic safely so as not to do damage to their hips which can easily happen without proper and full Rehabilitation.


When the child is ready, we supply a bicycle and teach them to ride safely. To walk distances on a prosthetic (false leg) causes rubbing and tearing of the stump, so using a bicycle really helps them to get to and from school and around their local neighbourhood. All part of integration and acceptance. We fund school uniform and materials, shoes and clothes. When funds allow, we supply food packages to the family.



Currently, the prosthetics are very old and very, very heavy. The foot and ankle is ridged, with no flexibility. We have recently gained funding to make 3D printed prosthetics here in The Gambia by the 3D printing company. Now we are seeking funding to cover the Rehabilitation costs of the children onto these super lightweight and flexible legs. Without the proper Rehabilitation, damage will be done to these children. By having the 3D printed legs, the child's life will be greatly improved.


Can you please help us give HOPE to these children?


You can donate through our charity bank account in The Gambia opened at Trust bank in the name of the GLOVE project or through our Glove PayPal account 

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