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Getting married in The Gambia

My Magazine 2022/02
15 min
Are you planning a wedding and still don't know where to go on your honeymoon? Or have you not yet chosen a location for your wedding ceremony? Every couple has their own story. Every love is different. Every wedding is special and unique. What will be your story? Are you wondering why we think The Gambia is a great choice?
The smallest country on the African continent offers a huge range of options for every budget and style. A wedding ceremony can be a simple civil ceremony in the capital or at any other location. However, a wedding celebration can be a large-scale event that also includes a religious ceremony and takes place over several days and includes ceremonies, food and drink, and hundreds of guests. Couples can opt for a traditional Gambian wedding or a modern wedding on a sandy beach. There are as many possibilities as there are desires and ideas.

It’s the same with honeymoons. You can choose from luxury hotels to simple eco-lodges and guesthouses. You can lie on the beach or sip a cocktail by the pool, or you can explore the countryside, culture and history. There are also many activities available such as kayaking, surfing, jet-skiing, horse riding, etc. You can also volunteer on your honeymoon. Or enjoy the view of nature and wildlife. There are unlimited combinations.

Planning a wedding or honeymoon also requires a lot of time, patience and organization.
Where and when will you get married, what will the celebration look like, who will take care of the music, who will you entrust to capture all the important moments in the photos, what wedding dress will you wear and many more questions will have to be answered. At first glance, things may be few, but very quickly this and that may emerge that you didn't even think about before.

If you need help organizing your wedding in The Gambia, we are happy to work with you throughout the process of planning and creating your dream wedding. Conceptual wedding planning also includes finding the right elements for the overall image of the wedding, which will reflect you and your shared journey.

We work with a wide range of service and product providers. We can take care of everything. From engagement, wedding, bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding location, invitations, flowers, decorating, catering, dresses, wedding rings, jewellery, make-up and hairdressing, music, photographers, accommodation, etc.

Is your future partner from The Gambia? Want a real, traditional, Gambian wedding? Or maybe a combination of customs? No problem!

The Gambia is our home. We are happy to help you choose traditional food, music, advise on habits and customs, and recommend providers.

Together with partners in The Gambia, we can help you to plan, find and organize:
- civil marriages
- religious ceremonies
- perfect venue
- catering (national or international dishes)
- photographer & videographer
- live band or DJ
- invitations
- animation for children
- decoration
- transportation
- wedding dress
- cake & other deserts
- make-up & hairdresser
- rings
- gifts for guests
- accommodation place
- bachelor's and bachelorette nights
- and more....

From our first meeting onwards, we will focus on finding the right providers and organizing every detail of you.
We can’t wait to meet you and start planning your dream wedding!



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