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Travel as a volunteer in 2022

My Magazine 2022/02
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The Gambia Zimba Cultural Group will hold a series of performances in February in the different areas in The Gambia.

So if you are thinking of having a life-changing experience by travelling as a volunteer to the Gambia, think no more. 

Again this year, we are expecting a lot of volunteers, an exchange of knowledge and a lot of smiles and laughter along the way. 

You can join us throughout the whole year except in April. If you don't like to travel alone, you can join one of the group expeditions, marked for these dates: 



    • from 28.5. to 18.6.2022 – Early Summer Camp 1
    • from 19.6 to 9.7.2022 – Early Summer Camp 1
    • from 16.7. to 6.8.2022 – Summer Camp 1
    • from 7.8. to 27.8.2022 – Summer Camp 2
    • from 28.8. to 17.9.2022 – Summer Camp 3
    • from 18.9. to 8.10.2022 – September Camp 



  • from 15.1. to 5.2.2022 (or longer) – Winter Camp 2022
  • from 19.2. to 5.3.2022 (or longer) – Sponsors Visits 2022
  • from 22.10. to 5.11.2022 (or longer) – Autumn Camp 2022
  • from 21.11. to 5.12.2022 (or longer) – Sponsors Visits II 2022

We are most intensely involved in the education field, offering programs of individual study aid, assistance in the local kindergarten, and the most famous Holiday Camp for children. But you can also join us if you find yourself comfortable doing: 

  • courses for teens and adults 
  • basic computer science 
  • basic photography
  • basic sewing and tailoring
  • simple construction work and landscaping
  • journalism 
  • photography
  • media production

Send us an email at and join us on our mission. 

Each year, we are organising a holiday camp for children during the school holidays. This way, we want to create a safe and motivational environment for our youngest kids to continue developing their skills and upgrading their knowledge in a more creative and fun way. 




This program is intended for anyone who likes working with children and wants to work in a lively atmosphere that doesn't lack ideas for educational yet fun activities. 

The activities take place in a career-educational centre that is slowly developing and having new rooms added for various educational activities. It is located in Brufut, which is a village about half an hour away from the capital city. Throughout the school vacations, our centre opens its doors to children from surrounding villages who want to take part in educational, fun, or sports activities. The majority of children in the village do not have an opportunity for regular schooling but always desire new knowledge. 

Activities you will carry out are reading hours in the library, sports games, a variety of games outside, playing on instruments, singing hours, learning about letters, numbers and basics of the English language, anything that we can do with equipment and materials available in the centre. You should use all of your resourcefulness, adaptability, and originality to design and form new activities, which you plan to perform with children of all ages. We wish for children of all ages to be connected and exchange knowledge. The majority of these children do not have anybody in their home environment that would have time or sufficient knowledge to teach them (e.g. English language). The ultimate goal is to create a pleasant atmosphere that would be enjoyable for you and your children. These activities will be executed by you with the help of a local teacher. A requirement for carrying out these activities is active collecting of donations for a camp, with which we can help many locals, who help us carry out these classes. 

Conditions: joy for working with children, independence, ingenuity, patience; good grasp of English.

So, are you ready to join? 

Once you are sure our program is the right choice for you, we invite you to apply HERE.  

CLICK HERE and read our e-brochure, where you will find more information about the program itself and the steps you have to take to get ready for the Travel. 

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