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Creating a magical world: Freedom

My Magazine 2022/02
5 min
Author: Angelika Mitterer
“Kasumai – How are you?” The word “Kasumai” is used in the language of the Diola (also Jola), an ethnic group (or tribal group) that also lives here in The Gambia, to ask how the other person is doing. “How are you?” is a question that has taken on an incredibly significant role for many people all over the world, especially in these times, and now needs to be clarified anew for everyone personally.

Last month, I wrote in detail about our new project IN∙US, which is about creating new opportunities in the current world to develop more freely and co-create a positive, sustainable society (The Gambia - creating a magical world). 

The changes of the last few months have been incredibly rapid and many new regulations smack of strict state control. In particular, the individual’s freedom, which used to be held in high esteem, is being pushed more and more into the background. But of course, there are many individual solutions on how to deal with the situation. However, it is important to take the time and try to find out how one actually feels about this challenging situation!   

Shape your own freedom

Last year, I and my family also asked ourselves this question and we realised that we need more opportunities to deal with all the changes in a way that suits us. We looked for options and found The Gambia – a small country in West Africa that offered me and my family the opportunity to enjoy more freedom.

Unfortunately, in our homeland Austria, we experienced increasingly strict regulations on how to organise our personal lives. Now, for months, my family and I have been enjoying the new luxury of being able to move freely without constantly having to think about which regulations we have to adhere to. We appreciate this quality of self-determined freedom even more after these experiences, which we, and probably many others, were not aware of before.

Today freedom plays a whole new role in our society and has established itself as a trend-setting kind of luxury. Living in self-determined freedom and independence has gained value in recent years and has become significant for people. However, everyone is now responsible for their own personal freedom and must decide for themselves within which framework of coexistence they can still feel free and independent. Here in The Gambia, we can enjoy our freedom and the potential of our own creative power with our projects. Monaco used to be a symbol for living in luxury, perhaps in the future, The Gambia on the African continent might symbolise luxury in relation to the new values of self-determined freedom and independence.

Living freedom through flexible locations

To make this kind of luxury easily accessible to as many people as possible, we are now launching our first project "The Edge - at Kasumai Resort" as part of our big idea to reshape the world together - "The Edge" at Kasumai Resort - MASThave 

Right next to the complex's own pool is the covered communal area, which also functions as a communication zone. Here, residents can meet, exchange ideas and talk outside their own four walls. A self-service bar, which is located there, also provides a small culinary offer.

The Kasumai Beach Resort is a wonderful complex right on the beautiful beach of Bijilo in the middle of The Gambia. It consists of a hotel and an excellent restaurant specialising in barbecue. My husband and I are both architects and our first project here in The Gambia is now the expansion of Kasumai Resort with a 27 unit apartment complex.

This facility is not just an ordinary apartment complex, it is also a way for us to be able to offer more freedom to other people who have the need for it. If you have the freedom, as we do, to be flexible about where you stay, then you also have the freedom to choose certain rules and conditions of living together. The basis for this, however, is of course to have an accommodation with a corresponding feel-good character and therefore it is a particular concern for us here in The Gambia to make these special domiciles with holistic sustainability, entirely in accordance with the values of IN∙US, available.

Selecting one’s environment freely

"The Edge" as the first project with our IN∙US partner Kasumai Resort meets this new and luxurious standard of freedom and independence in combination with ecological and social sustainability. The quality of the building technology and the planning concept is brought up to European standards, and the implementation of a photovoltaic system in combination with an island solution using batteries, an emergency generator, structured, energy-conscious room structures, and the construction of an own water well in combination with a UV filter meet the goals of an environmentally conscious and self-sufficient construction method.

By creating well-paid jobs for the extensive management of the complex, which also offers rentals for periods when one doesn’t use the apartment oneself, the country and its population profit from the project. Trained housekeeping staff, security guards, gardeners and structured management ensure carefree independence, regardless of whether you occupy the flat yourself or have it rented out when you are absent and thus receive an excellent return on your investment.

The structure of the houses allows for natural cooling through the airflow in the open staircases. From the individual flats in the different sizes (1-3 bedrooms), especially from the top floors, the residents can enjoy excellent views over the entire surroundings and out to the open sea. The apartments have a very modern design and are very bright thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows. Outside areas such as spacious loggias and terraces on the ground floor expand the living space.

The entire complex is accessed by two lifts so that also the flats on the upper floors are easily accessible.

As most readers of the My Magazine already know, The Gambia is the smallest Republic in the far west of mainland Africa and is located in a very favourable climate zone, which, due to the always pleasantly warm temperatures and a good water supply, allows year-round cultivation and guarantees an enormous energy yield in the field of solar energy. The colourful population from many different nations and with many different religions live together peacefully and respectfully. The potential for significant positive development in this somewhat sleepy and dreamy country is huge.

We recently started selling "The Edge" and we are pleased to see that many people are looking for more freedom, new undiscovered places and high-quality construction for their own homes. We are extremely pleased to be able to offer these people an opportunity to reshape their lives and build a secure foundation for the future. 


My insider tip in The Gambia of the month!

As described above, "The Edge" is located very close to the well-known Bijilo Forest, which is home to the famous Monkey Park. In this natural forest area, the monkeys live in freedom and are happy to welcome interested and nature-loving guests. Young and old visitors alike can experience numerous bird species, the African green monkey (Chlorocebus sabaeus), the Temminck’s red colobus monkey (Piliocolobus temminckii) and the hussar monkey (Erythrocebus patas) as well as numerous reptile and bird species along a sign-posted forest trail. There is also exciting and rare flora to discover. Along the way, you can enjoy some beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is advisable to bring enough peanuts, which are available at the entrance, to be well prepared for the sometimes hungry and curious monkeys.

If you want to invest in The Gambia, click HERE

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