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Creating a magical world: Trust

My Magazine 2022/04
5 min
Author: Angelika Mitterer
“Throw away your fear, rely on your inner strength, trust life and it will reward you. You can do more than you think.” This quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson expresses my innermost thoughts and every person in the world should internalise these worlds and thus perceive their own positive energy and transform it into successful action.

These are stormy, energy-filled times. Everyone can feel it and many people are filled with fear. Each one of us is dealing with different fears. Fear is our bodies’ reaction to prepare for a fight or flight and it is usually triggered by imagining future events, most of which never even happen. Finding one’s inner centre and thereby trust can help to focus on the present moment and look at a situation as it really is.

Photo Credit: My Gambia

From fear to trust

Trust is the basis of everything; therefore, it is important to move from fear to trust, from worry to confidence. To be centred means to be with oneself, to find oneself and to find that everything is okay – even if the world around us is turbulent. It also means that “I’m okay” is to be content with yourself.

When one finds one’s inner centre, one is also in one’s own power. You have gained great confidence and are therefore capable of great things. Successful entrepreneurs, as different as they may be, have one thing in common – their mindset. They have a mental and emotional attitude and confidence that helps them achieve their goals with ease. We need to be aware that not all entrepreneurs are born with an entrepreneurial mindset. Most of them undergo a mindset shift in the course of their lives and in the process become game changers, for themselves and often also for society. This is what happened to me personally. For everyone, there might be this time of change to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.

Photo Credit: Angelika's Personal Archive

Networking for the future

With IN∙US, our new networking company for freedom-loving, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, we are bringing together people and personalities who are embarking on an exciting journey together - creating a new community, with shared values, and thereby a new culture and movement.

Here in the Gambia, the first entrepreneurial community is just emerging, which I had the pleasure of introducing in the January issue of this magazine. The Gambia - creating a magical world! | My Gambia (

IN∙US is a network of freedom-loving people who feel called to work together internationally as entrepreneurs and to create the long-term luxury of a new quality of life – freedom, peace, contentment and financial security. Networking is crucial for the future of work and in combination with the transformation of one’s inner fears into confidence, great potentials emerge that bring about change, not only for oneself.

Photo Credit: Angelika's Personal Archive

Becoming an entrepreneur in the Gambia

In March 2022, we started our first investor trip here in The Gambia. Five entrepreneurs dared to embark on a new adventure and discover Africa for themselves. Exotic countries and unexplored landscapes have a great attraction. They all had the desire to experience something new here and discover new opportunities for the future. After the negative experiences in the Western world over the last few months, cultural differences played a major role. Misunderstandings or one-sided media coverage all contribute to prejudices and a completely wrong image of many parts of Africa. Together with the entrepreneurs, IN∙US visited different places, the beach, and the river as well as the people, and we entered a different culture to present the colourful variety of “The Gambia – the smiling coast of Africa”. Together we explored different business potentials, IN∙US real estate projects and new tourism plans we are allowed to develop in the Gambia and we also met successful local ex-pat entrepreneurs. All of them were excited about the variety of personal and collective experiences they had here and it was somehow also a journey to themselves for every single one of them.  

Our investors didn’t know each other at the beginning of the journey, yet after a few days, a wonderful community emerged. Together, we had an exciting time and in the process, confidence in the entrepreneurial future here in the Gambia grew. Trust creates space for human closeness, which unfortunately has been neglected in Western countries lately. Our first investors’ trip was a complete success, they all participate in our current IN∙US real estate project “The Edge at Kasumai Resort” Creating a magical world: Freedom | My Gambia (, already have ideas of their own for their own business here in the Gambia and have planned and booked their next visit to the country shortly after their arrival back home. They have all made their decision – together with us, they will continue on their path and achieve unknown heights.

The next investor trips are already being planned. The interest is great, the African continent with the warm mentality of the people and the communal culture is inspiring confidence among more and more people. It is not only an adventure into trust, but also a tool to find one’s inner balance.

Photo Credit: Angelika's Personal Archive

My insider tip in The Gambia of the month!

Nestled on the West African coast with the pumping Atlantic Ocean to the west and the country of Senegal all around, the Gambia offers a great variety of waves. Still, the surf in the Gambia is not very well known and there are not many people in the line-up here. There are only a few surf schools here, yet it is taught with heart and passion to the brave few to ride a wave. Everyone should actually experience surfing, try it, feel how a wave moves and learn how to catch it! Lying on the board in deep silence and full of trust waiting for the one, perfect wave and then at the right moment, when you have read the wave correctly and the interaction between nature and man begins, it is an art to be in balance, in your own centre and to ride it successfully and with joy and pleasure. It is almost comparable to life!

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