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Seen from afar, a striking white shell hides and, at the same time, reveals a new acquisition on one of the most hospitable streets of Fajara. Two very popular edifices upmarket Envy Nightclub and Plass-Bi, the best of fine dining, now have a new neighbour, equally classy, 24 hours open sports bar & restaurant called Propaganda.

It brings a new and different form of social networking to The Gambia’s Fajara area. Modern architecture strikes you before you enter as well as when you step inside. They have taken care of every detail with good architectural ideas and excellent workmanship. Propaganda is a sports bar with a difference.

Set on 2 floors, gaming consoles, pool tables, large TV screens, a play station console area, and a very well-stocked bar greet you as you enter. A staircase leads you up to two seating bays with large TV screens, an ideal space for groups of friends to watch sporting events together. Sofas and low tables look very inviting and offer a private space for sports or television enthusiasts.   

An excellent location for meeting friends or work colleagues whilst taking in your favourite sporting event on one of the many large screens found around the venue. Spoilt for choice, you can enjoy and follow live broadcasting of 8 different matches at the same time. 

And before we go further into the cuisine, we need to mention the staff. A lot of effort was put into the training here. A stylish and vibrant ambience combined with professional and friendly staff will surely boost the business and invite clientele looking for more than just a place to watch a sports game.  

The food concept is very interesting. Focused on operational excellence and dedicated to entertaining the sports fans, the new sports bar combines menu selections, atmosphere, lighting and service to create a sense of excitement to reach an overall value in dining and ultimate entertaining experience. Comfort food – with a kitchen and service offered when no one else offers food, almost 24/7, likely only to be closed from 9 am to Midday.

Propaganda boasts of colourful burgers, shawarmas, and re-invented earthly dishes to be available at unearthly hours. For the diehard sports fan who wants a true taste of the action, it offers a soulful social hub.

The bar is very impressive with every sort of drink available. Special Cocktails, Mocktails and beverages – hot or cold, are all available in Propaganda – while you whisper or speak out loud.

As a one-stop destination for all sports action events, social dining, sports viewing, music, and fun for all ages, sharing the passion for sports, food and good vibes with friends, Propaganda awaits you.

The word has spread – you need to add your twist to it.


24 hours open sports bar & restaurant in Fajara, set on 2 floors, with gaming consoles, pool tables, large TV screens, a play station console area, an...
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