Saffron, a perfect combination of spicy flavours

My Magazine 2022/04
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Named by one of the most important spices in Indian cuisine, Saffron is a renewed bar and restaurant from the Vineyard stable with authentic Indian and a wide range of international dishes, snacks and drinks to dine with.

After changing ownership and name from Alex Bar, this totally refurbished bar and restaurant is very clean with a modern interior design, comfortable seats, a large TV screen, a large terrace, and interior space. Multiple fans on the terrace create a pleasant microclimate even on the hottest day. The atmosphere is relaxed and cosy, with delightful background music added to the vibrant view of the main Senegambia strip, filled with passers-by. Live music performances are often on Fridays and Sundays and they are quite popular amongst the customers. The restaurant is located right at the beginning of the Senegambia strip, after Yasmina restaurant on the corner, soon opening its doors again in renewed form and management.

It can take you a while to browse through the whole menu. With the main focus on Indian cuisine, many local and international dishes are available for order.

We tasted some of the most popular choices for dining. Starting with our favourite Cheese Garlic Naan, a treat for the taste buds, then continuing with Chicken 65, Goan Prawn Curry, Lamb Sheek Kabab, Pan-Fried Captain Fish, and Banana Split for dessert. Each of the dishes offered a full taste, rich in spices but not exaggerated. The presentation of the food itself can make eyes hungry. Vibrant colours and steam still coming from the plate are tempting and inviting you to bite in. Undoubtedly, each dish was carefully prepared, considering our wishes (less spicy). The portions can fulfil even the hungriest customer. The finishing touch is a wet towel presented at the end of your dining experience.

The staff are efficient and friendly with a genuine will to satisfy customers’ needs and wants. The manager herself created additional warmth and hospitality. The feel the restaurant gives is very homely, and one can see, there are many returning customers who love the place for what it is. Saffron is almost always busy but not crowded. As the unwritten rule goes, the restaurant always full, usually offers good and freshly prepared food. On the other side, you might have to take a bit more time to have an unrushed dining experience. It is a pleasant place to wine and dine and they offer one of the most competitive prices and foods in town.

Saffron is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 am till late or until the last guests leave. Don't feel like going out? No problem, you can still enjoy delicious food from the spice kitchen by ordering the takeaway or delivery. 

Saffron -The Spice Kitchen

Senegambia's newest spice bar & restaurant, from the Vineyard stable. Authentic Indian and a wide variety of snacks to go with your drinks......
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