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Dear readers!

Welcome to April's issue of My Magazine.

We prepared over 40 articles about The Gambia with updated information about places, events, happening, etc.

Between April and October, there are much fewer tourists in The Gambia. Off-season also called green, low, wet, rainy or mango season affects many businesses and individuals. The current situation in the world has made things even worse.

We are inviting you to The Gambia throughout the year to make a positive impact on the tourism industry and its people.

The Gambia is a place where summer never ends. It is an all-year-round destination located within comfortable flying distance from major European destinations and capitals in Europe. It is the kind of holiday destination, which is suitable for every type of vacation, whether it is a summer vacation for the entire family, an adventurous trip for students and young people, long winter holidays for retirees, or a romantic getaway for honeymooners or an educational & volunteering group experience.

It is different from many African countries. It is a small, quiet, affordable land of smiling people, where many travellers feel at home. The wonderful nature, wildlife, rich culture and traditions, interesting but painful history, colourful villages and above all friendly, hospitable people who are always willing to help.

We invite you to read, watch and listen to our April issue which will provide you with lots of information about places, special offers, stories, cuisine, and activities.

Welcome to The Gambia.  

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Did you enjoy this article? Share it with friends
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