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Phenomenal Women

My Magazine 2022/04
6 min
Returning home and leaving the hotel industry might not be her original plan, but while travelling, working and living abroad Fatou Njie realized that she can return to The Gambia and use all her knowledge and experiences to make a change for fellow Gambians, especially women.

Focusing on health and nutrition, she first opened Manna Bakery & Café in Kololi (former Dream park). It was established first of its kind in The Gambia offering a wide variety of nutritious, healthy meals, vegan-friendly alternatives, great coffee, mixed grains loaf & mixed seed loaf, salads, smoothies and so much more!  

And that was just the beginning.

At the end of January, Fatou Njie opened a Phenomenal Women wellness centre that focuses on fitness, nutrition, and care of the women in The Gambia.

The women who want to feel they are in a place where they can be completely safe to wear their sports gear, to be completely free of worrying about cameras or other agendas now actually have a place that’s exclusively for them. It’s a space where women can train, express themselves, bring their children and pamper themselves.

By focusing on fitness, nutrition, and care, they intend to offer all the women in The Gambia, but especially mature women, a safe environment to exercise and implement various training routines. It is also a place where women feel free, empowered, encouraged and motivated.

At Phenomenal Women Center, you’re not just a client. You become a part of a women’s community in The Gambia.  

Separated into two sections but very deeply connected as one, the centre offers complete spa & gym services.

In the Spa section, they offer pedicure, manicure, nail care, eyelash extensions, hair styling, massage, facial treatments, and more.

In the gym, they provide you with all you need under one roof to reach all your fitness goals. Modern fitness equipment, weights, balls, and the rest of the facilities in the gym are free to use at any time of the day. They also provide group classes including Zumba, Spin, Cardio, Yoga, TRX, and Step with the best female instructors in town. Classes are scheduled daily from Monday to Friday, in the morning and afternoon.

If you don’t like group classes which are very popular and well attended, you can also choose personal training classes. Mariama, the cardio master and a personal trainer who never gets tired is there to see you succeed in meeting your fitness goals.

Mothers can come with their children. While training, relaxing in the spa or pampering yourself, your kids can play in the playroom with a caretaker watching over them to ensure they are safe.

As a member, you also get access to the lockers where you can safely keep your belongings while training. There are shower cabins available so you can easily come before or after your work, and just continue the daily routine. Clean towels, soaps and hairdryers are available for any member to use for free.     

The centre employs 20 females: beauticians, masseuses, hairdressers, nail technicians, sport/dance/yoga instructors, etc.

After Ramadan, Fatou will add extra services based on nutrition, weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle. We are so excited about this!  

If you are living in The Gambia or you are a visitor, they have a package for everyone. They also work with companies that offer additional bonuses for their employees.

Get in contact with them for weekly schedules, prices and offers. Now is the time to take control of your health! Everyone has something they can improve when it comes to a healthier lifestyle…weight loss, more energy, a smaller waistline, increased muscle mass, and the list is endless….

Fatou Njie, thank you for creating a space for women in The Gambia!

Phenomenal Women

Phenomenal Women is a women’s centre that focuses on your fitness, nutrition, and care. They intend to offer all women, but especially mature women,...
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