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How to book an airport lounge?

My Magazine 2022/04
4 min
Air travel, especially ever since security and health checks have made the queues and waiting periods far longer and thus wearier for passengers, the search for a corner to relax in once you have checked in, becomes far more welcoming these days.

Banjul Airport has an ideal solution for us, the newly refurbished First Class Lounge. The sizeable lounge with large comfortable sofas, quiet corners and extremely pleasant service offers travellers a well-deserved rest before continuing their journey. 

The First Class Lounge, located on the first floor, just past the security check, a short lift ride takes you to this classy lounge to welcome not only Business Class or First Class passengers but also special voucher holders.  

 Any passenger can avail of this facility by booking and paying in advance for the service in The Gambia. You can now book your First Class Lounge voucher via My Gambia, paying cash or via bank transfer. Once you send all the details and make the payment, a voucher will be issued in your name. 


The price of 1500 GMD includes access to First Class Lounge, 2 alcoholic beverages of any type, unlimited tea/coffee/soft drinks and water, sandwiches and snacks, and Wi-Fi in addition to the comfort and facilities offered by the lounge. 



Enter the lounge, you are welcomed by an experienced team with a warm natural smile and are guided to a seating zone of your choice – either in a quiet corner, a work table or on a plush sofa – to let you relax. You will be served if you require, or you could walk around and make your own choice.



A view of the airport apron, giving you an exclusive view of the flights arriving and departing, constant but limited activity. A large television screen with News or Sports keep you tuned to the latest news and scores. Newspapers are available to check the latest events abroad. Internet connectivity helps you keep in touch with the social media of your choice or catch up with work while you sink into relaxing comfort while waiting for your flight.



The lounge has been active under the current management for 22 years. Do ask for Anna Mendy, the “maître” at the First Class Lounge, who has been serving passengers in this exclusive yet homely lounge for 21 years.

Sit back & relax.


Leave the Smiling Coast with a smile.

Book your spot in the First Class Lounge with My Gambia. Call or WhatsApp us at +220 214 0000 or send us an email at

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