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Coco Ocean: The Venue of Venues

My Magazine 2022/04
10 min
Walking into Coco Ocean Resort & Spa, whether you are a guest or attending an event, the first thing that strikes you as you get past the tall Moroccan styled gate is the flora, the greenery, the trees, birds, and the monkeys, and you wonder if you’re in a forest park. The neatly clad staff, greeting you as you walk past, tells you that you are in a place that understands hospitality. And this is one of the main reasons why Coco Ocean remains a top choice for event and wedding organizers, business people, state advisers, couples, and families looking for royal service.

If you are looking to host or attend a mega concert with 3,000 other guests or a private party with 10 to 50 guests, there is only one venue in The Gambia that can make every sized event feel exclusive. The scale of luxury, with the ability to not just bring those many guests in, but to make each one of them feel like a private guest – The Coco Ocean wins hands down as easily being the best venue of all venues.

The halls and greenery areas get transformed overnight into a stage and arena for larger performances with the possibility to host even more than 3,000 guests, or a banquet seated event with multiple buffet service rows, the management of Coco Ocean executes your dreams in style. Gourmet food and beverages of your choice served to perfection make each event feel special.

In the options for up to 500 guests, the lawn and its tent very close to the ocean is another amazing venue. Outdoor, open-air acoustics make it an ideal venue for music shows, birthday celebrations and also for a romantic wedding party.

With the wide array of a choice of rooms to match the events and the romanticism combined – the Coco Ocean with its SPA makes it the ideal for a destination wedding.

Beach Cabana greenery spot is another perfect multifunctional place for yoga retreats, oceanfront birthday celebrations or romantic weddings with up to 100 guests. The beachside open-air buffet spot cannot be a better place for Sunday brunch or an unforgettable beach party.

Safran Restaurant and Beach restaurant, with their cabanas, are venues where Coco Ocean organizes special occasion evenings like Valentine’s, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Those events are planned very carefully, offering guests much-needed space and privacy, especially for occasions like Valentine’s.

Safran’s terrace, close to the pool with an ocean view, is yet another ideal place for a casual meeting, drink or dinner with a small group of people or a romantic spot for you and your spouse. It is a popular place to idle and let time and beachgoers walk by.

The Coco Ocean has other venues for gatherings, conferences and or partying. The Ocean room overlooking the pool and the staircase is a small-sized meeting room for up to 70 guests. For larger gatherings, there is the main hall where 300 guests can easily be seated. In fact, Coco Ocean is the number one choice for high-end events, conferences and delegations.

You’re sure to be spoilt for choice at the Coco Ocean Resort & Spa.


Glimpses of events in March

In March, Coco Ocean hosted three resounding events, which My Gambia attended. Enjoy the glimpses.


Sona Jobarteh & Gambia Academy Fundraising Gala

Read more about it HERE


The second edition of the Fatu Network's Heroes Awards Night


Gala Dinner with Wally Seck

Call us – at My Gambia and we will be happy to detail your programme and stay at Coco Ocean.

+220 214 0000

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