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Special Iftar offer in Tamala

My Magazine 2022/04
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The month of Ramadan is a month of fasting, but you've got to admit we spend much of the day thinking about dinner.

Skip to sunset; when the time to break the fast arrives, all we want is something that not only kills the hunger but also excites the taste buds. Some days there's energy to cook a dish that does both, but other days you need someone else to take care of it for you.

Tamala Beach Resort has got you covered. They bring you four platters to splurge on to get the food coma of your dreams after a full day of thinking about your favourite food.

An appetiser, main course and dessert in one deal? Enjoy this package with your family and friends set in a luxury hotel in a beachside restaurant overlooking the ocean.

With great packages comes a great price of D1200 Per Person and D2000 Per Couple; add an extra person to your table for D1000.

Adults (16+ Years) only.

Tamala Beach Resort

Tamala Resort located on the sandy beach of Kotu, just a short drive from Banjul Airport and is the ideal choice for those seeking a relaxing and self...
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