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Community iftars with APS International

My Magazine 2022/04
3 min
APS International is the best solution for international money transfers to Africa. Whether you live abroad and want to help your family in the Gambia with money or grocery APS covers it for you. If you are on a holiday in The Gambia, you can send money to yourself through the APS mobile app and enjoy your holiday without worries.

APS International is also involved in social service helping the communities in times of special needs. For this month of Ramadan, they organize weekly community iftars for Muslims who are fasting, and they organize similar for Christians observing Lent.

As Islam encourages people to share with others, APS International supports Muslim communities by sharing iftars during breaking the fast.

As a company, they have a strong cooperate social responsibility and within that context, they are out there to share with the Muslim ummah. We also give out iftar packs of Sugar and Dates to customers who receive their money in our other locations such as Barra, Farafenni, Soma, Kerewan, Bansang and Basse.

They have created a special NDUGA package that contains food items that people living abroad can buy for their friends and families in The Gambia. And APS also delivers items directly to their homes. It is a great opportunity to use this service with APS as it is easier and more reliable.

To know more about APS International, please visit
Happy Ramadan to you all from APS. Thank you.

APS International

APS International Ltd is the leading International Money Transfer Service to The Gambia, Senegal, and other African countries offering FAST, RELIABLE,...
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