Manna Bakery & Café

My Magazine 2022/04
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Manna Bakery & Café located in Kololi (former Dream Park) is owned by a Gambian businesswoman Fatou Njie. Experienced Director of Revenue Management at Sheraton in Tajikistan, Fatou decided to continue her career in hospitality, but on her own.

The idea of establishing Manna bakery was to specialize in preparing healthy and delicious meals for people living and visiting The Gambia. It was established first of its kind in The Gambia offering a wide variety of nutritious, vegan-friendly alternatives, great coffee, mixed grains loaf & mixed seed loaf, and so much more!

They have put together an elaborate menu, which is filled with a variety of options, Manna breakfast, soups, juices and smoothies, and salads.

Their passion is reflected in their breads and soft pastries that are simply incomparable to anything you have had before.

Enjoy their decadent homemade baked goods, freshly made every morning by their in-house bakers. Offers you a variety of bagels, and a wide selection of bread, such as infamous sourdough, whole-wheat bread, French baguettes, croissants, and Pretzels.

Boost your health and delight in delicious freshly pressed juices, homemade smoothies, and ginger shots, made from local, organic and fresh ingredients only. Receive all the nutrients, vitamins, superfoods, and antioxidants you need, all in one drink!

Perfect to maintain a balanced diet, their fresh salads are made from local fruits and vegetables. Manna offers you options of light, and creative salads, made from a unique blend of fresh ingredients, as well as heartier salads with grains and protein, to provide both a healthy, and filling meal.

Fulfil your morning cravings and get a head start on what is set to be a great day. From 7 am daily, you can select from a wide range of items from the breakfast menu such as avocado toast with salmon and poached eggs and homemade granola with seasonal fresh fruit and yoghurt.

Their staff know how to achieve the perfect blend between health and irresistible taste, as they incorporate fresh, wholesome ingredients into balanced meals that will make you start the day with a beaming smile.

Manna also offers very delicious coffee, and a wide variety of teas, using fresh herbs and plants whenever possible. The teas they provide were hand-picked for their incredible benefits, such as regulating blood sugar levels, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, and improving brain functions and concentration. Manna’s organic teas offer you natural medicines and remedies all in a delicious warm beverage.

Fatou Njie is also an owner of Phenomenal Women, a wellness centre for women located at Kotu. The main focus of her both businesses is health, nutrition, lifestyle and balanced life.

If you haven’t heard of Manna yet, visit them and you will not be disappointed. If you heard about them, but haven’t tasted any of their products, now is time to finally visit them. 

Check for their Ramadan offer – the best bread in town for D15.  

Manna Bakery & Café

Manna Bakery & Cafe established first of its kind in the Gambia offering wide variety of nutritious and healthy meals....
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