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The Kunta Kinteh Village

My Magazine 2022/04
7 min
Extension of the Kunta Kinteh Complex, directly on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Gambia. Four individual houses, each with 5 generously proportioned flats with up to 4 bedrooms and a fifth house for parking, the reception and various conference rooms, nestled between a picturesque stretch of beach and a natural green zone, form a high-quality, innovative and – what is extremely important in the Gambia – a self-sufficient, sustainable building concept that will offer residents a high quality of life on all levels.

“The Kunta Kinteh Village” Coming soon! - MASThave Immobilien ( as a home is meant to provide strength and security, a home there should make you strong for your everyday life. The more consciously the design of the personal living space is dealt with, the more positive and purposeful the effect of the home can be for all residents. The individual, the community and also the emotion of gratitude are absolutely central to this project; the building structure and design provide the framework for free development and ensure an independent and positive environment. Individual high-energy spaces for strengthening the personality and promoting new life goals are created through the synthesis of clear architecture, attention to the energetic flow in the spatial structure and the use of colours and materials.

Awareness for the future

In the planning phase as well as during the implementation, special attention is paid to sustainability and longevity. The entire building complex is designed to be almost self-sufficient in relation to energy and water, thanks to the integration of photovoltaics and an own borehole, thus ensuring system independence and security of supply. Competent management enables the owners to act more flexibly and to have an individual, independent lifestyle - through built architecture in local, financial and spiritual form in line with the basic idea of ​​the IN∙US values. (THE KUNTA KINTEH VILLAGE - MASThave)

However, in addition to the energetic interplay of people and space, the project also focuses on connecting and thoughtful appreciation of nature. Here in the Gambia in particular, much of life takes place outdoors, and so the modern architecture of this design concept dissolves the boundaries of space and seeks to harmoniously connect the indoor and outdoor spaces through floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, large panoramic windows and many terrace areas. The energy of the surrounding nature flows directly into the open designed living area and in the form of draught wind, this is also used for naturally cooling the apartments. A fresh breeze directly from the beach and a pleasant scent from the plants from the adjacent nature zone in the rear area of the building complex also contribute to strengthening the immune system and getting the circulation going. Natural sunlight streaming in from three sides also provides bright, boundless-looking spaces and has a great influence on the human organism. The effect of daylight stimulates people, relaxes, affects the mood, attention, cognitive performance as well as the sleep-wake cycle.

We can consciously choose our environment and living space to have a direct impact on our well-being and health and have a successful future and a happy life. If we reclaim the beauty of life, nature and people, we will feel deep gratitude for all that we are allowed to experience day after day. If we conjure up a feeling of fulfilment, love, contentment and an optimistic attitude to life, then we will realize that there is something positive in every situation, in every change and transformation.

With this expansion of the Kunta Kinteh Beach complex as an IN∙US project in connection with the large IN∙US network, it will be easier for people here to take a first step in reflecting on their lives and returning to the feeling of gratitude. Everyone is cordially invited to find out about our projects and our community and, of course, to participate in our network with their own qualities.

If you want to invest and need more information about the project, send an email to

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