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Engage in Sports Activities While on Holiday!

My Magazine 2023/05
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Going on vacation is always an exciting time to relax, rejuvenate, and explore a new destination. Although holidays are relaxing, it's a shame all your efforts go to waste in a few days of inactivity. Sports are not discordant with vacations and days off; on the contrary, this is when all the possibilities can add a twist to your regular training.

Imagine walking or running on the beach every morning with a magnificent view in a relaxing environment. Activities like this will make you do exercise without even realising it.


Kayaking in The Gambia? Why not! It will offer an entirely different experience than you might be used to as you glide through the clear water, far from the crowded beaches embraced by mangroves and combine elements of challenge with moments of serenity. Book your three-hour kayaking experience on Tanji Creek with us!



Whether in the pool of the hotel you are staying at or in the ocean, swimming is one of the most complete exercises that give your body a full-body workout. Moreover, it can lower stress levels and reduce anxiety. So, remember to pack a swimsuit and goggles, while items like frisbees and volleyballs can be excellent to be active in The Gambia. If your accommodation does not have a pool, you can still choose many places offering a daily pool pass. Find some of them here. If swimming in the Ocean, bear in mind that Atlantic Coast has strong sea currents, and the sea is rarely without waves. 


Taking advantage of the early morning hours to walk or jog along the water's edge can be a healthy and beautiful experience; the fresh air and scenery help reduce stress, and just 30 mins of walking can help lower your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol levels. The suitcase full of activewear is a failproof strategy to ensure you are physically active while enjoying the holidays. The plus side of The Gambian coast is there are still many stranded beaches where you can do your activity in almost complete solitude. We also recommend checking out nature reserves, as many have walking paths. 


Although not really one of the top-promoted sports in The Gambia, you can find places that offer bike rental services and give you directions to find a perfect off-trail road while enjoying unique scenery. You can rent a bike at some of the accommodation places outside the tourism concentrated areas, such as Bintang Bolong Lodge, Abcass Creek, but you will also find some rent-a-bike services elsewhere. One of the spots is Darboe's Bicycle Rentals at Kotu, opposite Badala Park Hotel.


Fitness is one of the popular free-time activities in The Gambia. There are many places where you can join in for a day or a week and enjoy training equipment or group training sessions. For ladies, we recommend Phenomenal Women. One of the popular fitness places in the tourism-concentrated area is also Vibe Fitness and The Fitness Garage of Bakadaji Hotel


Pack a yoga mat for a peaceful session on the beach or even in your hotel room. The new scenery of a beautiful destination is often an excellent motivator for getting out there and enjoying your surroundings through exercise and Yoga. A Yoga Session near the water body has multiple positive effects on your health and well-being. Amongst other places, yoga classes are available at The Fajara Club and Phenomenal Women


Also known as recreational fishing, sport fishing is fun and competitive. The coastal region of The Gambia has numerous angling spots, which provide the opportunity to catch a variety of fish all year round, from tropical sporting species to record breakers like sharks and Tarpon. The freshwater regions of The Gambia River on the West African Coast are the new destination for the travelling sport fisherman. As a keen angler, you can plan your stay in The Gambia to join the next yearly Beach Championship, join one of the group fishing trips by various boat trip providers or go on a fulfilling private fishing experience with Gambia Kayaking. Contact us for more details!


You can enjoy an 18-hole golf course at The Fajara Club, one of the oldest members’ social clubs in The Gambia. However, if you are not a registered member of the Fajara Club, you can still play golf at the Sir Dawda Jawara golf course for 1000 GMD and an extra fee for the caddy and brown sweeper. You can also hire a golf bag and balls for an additional charge. The golf course is a minute away from the club's main building. It sits quietly in the heart of nature, with trees, birds, monkeys and the Kotu stream, which flows by the golfing area. A picturesque view of the Atlantic Ocean makes it a special place for nature lovers. You can also opt for a lesser challenge at the Senegambia Beach Hotel golf range.


Photo Credit: Baobab Hiking Trails

Hiking is one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities in the world. People everywhere are getting out on the trail near where they live and travelling to embark on world-class hiking vacations in national parks and wilderness areas around the globe. Mr Gernot Henn, together with representatives of Janjanbureh’s JUST ACT, developed six hiking trails through the woodlands along the Gambia River and villages facing inherent natural beauty and culture. All six hiking trails have been drawn up on digital maps. The trails are published on the “Outdoor Active” App, where they can be reviewed by any user free of charge. If visiting Janjanbureh, you can go for a hiking expedition with one of their trained hiking while combining it with the community-based experience.


Tennis, squash, badminton and table tennis enthusiasts will enjoy a daily pass at The Fajara Club, where you can enjoy not only racket games courts but also access to the pool, volleyball court, mini football field, pool table, Wi-Fi access and drinks and snacks from the 19th Hole restaurant. If you are a visitor of The Gambia and want to attend any of the activities or spend a whole day at The Club, the current daily rate is GMD 200. All visitors need to be signed in. You can also enjoy playing tennis at Senegambia Beach Hotel. Both places offer private tennis lessons or hiring a tennis coach for a match. Contact us to get more details!


Football is most definitely the most popular sport in The Gambia. Playing and watching football matches is happening all the time. Gambians love to go to the beach, especially on Sundays, to engage in a football match. Many also hire one of the many artificial turf fields in the areas or play it in the community football field on sandy ground. Mini football fields are also available in The Fajara Golf Club and Qcity, to name a few. However, we recommend asking for local league football match schedules if you want to feel the fan atmosphere. 


There are also opportunities for cricket, volleyball and basketball lovers. Apart from the volleyball court at The Fajara Club, there are some settings on the beach of Kotu. We are proud to have a new sponsored basketball court just next to the famous Traffic Light, where some outdoor fitness machines are accessible for use. 


Having its shores on the Atlantic Ocean, The Gambia is a great destination to try out surfing. There are a few options to hire a surfboard on Kololi and Brufut Heights beach, or you can stop by at Gandah Surfschool site on Kololi Beach to have a proper introduction to your new favourite water sport!


Jet skis are available for rent at Kotu Beach and Brufut Heights Beach, inviting all adrenaline junkies to ride on the wavy Atlantic Ocean. 


There are many places where you can rent quad bikes in The Gambia and go on a refreshing ride on the beach. One of them is Jatta Easy Quad, located in Sanyang, where they welcome their guests for excursions and allow them to ride on their tracks to get familiar with the bikes. You can decide on a beachside rental and enjoy the view of the beautiful sea and nature or choose one of their guided tours.



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