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Workshops & Activities: Learn Skills from the Masters!

My Magazine 2023/05
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Here at My Gambia, we are strong believers in the value of cultural exchange. This is why we believe it is important that visitors of The Gambia have the opportunity to learn skills and crafts from local experts in their fields. Taking home an experience and a piece of traditional knowledge is sure to enhance your memories of The Gambia.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the local culture and learn new skills, you won't want to miss out on the incredible workshops and classes offered by My Gambia!

Drumming and Cooking

From traditional drumming and dance workshops to cooking classes featuring local cuisine, The Gambia offers a range of experiences that are sure to inspire and enrich your travels. A home visit in Tanji, along with a cooking class of a traditional dish of your choice, gives you an insight into the daily life of a Gambian family. 

house chores family visit in Tanji


 If you are musically inclined, come and discover the secrets of the Djembe, a unique West African drum used by the Wolof tribe for hundreds of years to praise warriors and tell stories. The vibrant rhythms will allow you to understand the power of this ancestral form of communication.



Batik and Tie-Dye

Or would you like to create your own Batik or tie-dye cloth piece? You can make your own tablecloth, dress, tote bag - whatever you want! One of the most popular workshop experiences in The Gambia is the art of tie-dyeing. Local artisans teach visitors how to create vibrant and unique patterns using natural dyes and traditional techniques. Our teacher Musa will run you through the entire dying process, from selecting colours to admiring your final product. You'll be amazed at the beautiful fabrics you can create in just a few hours. A lovely experience for the creatives among us!



Make Your Own Silver Bangle

Another amazing craft to learn is the art of silver smithery. Mamat and Njaga are two experienced silversmiths that will guide you along the process of making your own bangle. Culturally, these intricate bangles represent a form of spiritual protection from bad luck and the “evil eye”. 



Basket Weaving

You also have the chance to learn the ancient craft of basket weaving. Spend a day with Fatou and learn how to make your own beautiful basket with dried grass and colourful ribbons. 



Herbalist Classes

One of our latest offerings is one for the naturalists amongst us: an immersive course into the world of traditional herbal medicine. Our knowledgeable teacher Salieu will give you fascinating insights into flora and fauna of the Gambian territory and how it has been used for centuries to treat ailments and strengthen the body. Oil and soap-making workshops are also a possibility. Stay tuned for the listing on our website!



Ninki Nanka Workshops

Our favourite product offering is the Real Gambia Experience, a community-based trail through authentic villages named after the mysterious folktale creature Ninki Nanka. While exploring the country, nature, cultures and traditions, you can participate in various workshops that will give you a real insight into the daily lives of different ethnic groups living in The Gambia. Learn how to prepare traditional porridge in Jamali village, participate in salt, soap and tie-dye-making process in N'demban, learn to make a traditional fan from palm leaves in Tabanani to cool yourself down after cooking with the villagers to make tasty domoda, participate in rice cultivation in Kerewan Samba Sira and learn traditional skills of tailoring, woodcarving, weaving and basket making while staying with a host family in Gunjur.



Whatever your interests, there is a workshop or class in The Gambia that is perfect for you. Immerse yourself in the local culture and learn new skills that will stay with you long after you return home. So come and discover The Gambia, and experience the beauty and hospitality of this unique destination - the Smiling Coast of Africa!

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