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No more darkness on the Streets of Kerewan Samba Sira

My Magazine 2023/05
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It was a day we will never forget! Not only that it was an unforgettable experience for our volunteers and donors that witnessed the solar streetlight installation process, but it was also a historical day for Kerewan Samba Sira and its residents.

Volunteer Trails, in collaboration with My Gambia, embarked on a fundraising journey to light up the streets of a remote village of Kerewan Samba Sira, over 300 km far away from the coastal region. The project was initiated by Yerro Saidy and his brother, Mohammed Saidy, Alkalo of Kerewan Samba Sira village.

A community of two ethnic groups, Mandinka and Fula, has long wished for the light installation, which would bring a feeling of safety and security, especially for the little ones in the village.

The faces of villagers were lit up in pure delight as 100 solar streetlights were successfully installed in the village last Friday and Saturday.

In the second phase, we intend to install additional 150 lights so the entire village will be lit up with streetlights once darkness has fallen. Stay tuned for our next project. You can be part of it!

We want to thank all the donors, especially Mr Kenan, supporters, guests, Volunteer Trails volunteers and villagers who have contributed to and supported this historic project. Thanks to Ayk Africa for supporting the trip by providing the transport and My Gambia for media coverage all along the way.

According to the villagers, it turned the village into a city of lights. Light is Life!

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