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Creating a Magical World: Magic

My Magazine 2023/05
4 min
Author: Angelika Mitterer
“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” (Roald Dahl) – It blossoms in exceptional souls and places. On our way to discover them, we will dive into an extraordinary journey to ourselves and will experience adventures enchanted by the splendour of the African sunset. Today, we at IN∙US take you with us to discover the magic of The Gambia, an undiscovered country in the West of Africa.

The smallest country on the African continent is a very special country. It never ceases to amaze us how quickly people immerse themselves in the country and its culture. The Gambia is a country full of diversity, which reveals itself in the most diverse areas. On the one hand, The Gambia has a diverse landscape and colourful nature with numerous plants and animals to observe. On the other hand, the country's population is a multicultural society with a mix of different nations, languages religious communities and educational backgrounds.

The positive development of the country is marked by the mixture of people, their mindset and the many traditions  and this creates a feeling of well-being that everyone who visits The Gambia experiences here. The Gambia is unique. The mindset of the people and thus the way things work here and everything that goes with it makes for a very special experience. Happiness and suffering, wealth and poverty, success and failure, determination and giving up, all this is very close together in The Gambia.

The time we are allowed to experience here is interspersed with ups and downs, joy and sorrow, progress and standstill. And that is precisely the magic of the country. Everyone is confronted with their own individual challenges, whether they like it or not. Here you will experience your limits, because only those who dare to step out of their comfort zone will become successful. You will have to show courage if you want to live through the adventures in The Gambia and let the charm, the magic of the country take hold of you.

A Feeling of Liveliness

This is what happened to our last group of investors. They set out on an adventure. At the very beginning, they set off on a journey into the hinterland of The Gambia. There they were able to dive deep into the real Africa. All facets of this culture, which are unfamiliar to Europeans, came to light and took our guests out of their comfort zone. Time frames, comforts, habits, everything that normally gives us security quickly vanished into thin air. And then there were the experiences. Magical moments at the stone circles, an impressive boat trip through the wildlife in and along the Gambia River and meeting the people from the villages let them forget the strain of the journey, the heat of the day and the effort of the trip. All of the participants were deeply touched by these authentic experiences of The Gambia.

A feeling of liveliness spread that they have had rarely been able to feel in their successful, accustomed everyday lives. This feeling, which even a millionaire cannot buy for money, is offered in abundance in The Gambia.

Stuck in the world of habit, surrounded by the security of the Western system, people in the industrialised world often long for adventure, freedom, belonging and individual development. It is therefore a pleasure for us to be able to distribute inner wealth through our IN∙US work. With us, our investors in The Gambia can feel and experience the great connectedness of the people on every single day. Every day with us is an experience. This country full of adventure, full of opportunities and full of happiness lets people grow through the daily challenges. Completely individual, great skills, which we could never learn that way in Europe, can be developed and will enrich each individual in their personal potential development process.

So magic and miracles take place outside one’s comfort zone. At the end of our journey with all the magic and special moments that challenged our investors, we have found the lightness of life. "Hakuna Matata" means in German: No problem, take it easy. Always walk your path in a focused way and let yourself not be distracted by the hurdles along your path.

My insider tip in The Gambia of the month!

A trip to Janjanboureh in the hinterland of The Gambia is exactly such a journey, full of magic and enchantment. Pure and authentic Africa, as it is and as the people live there. The Ninki Nanka Trail along the Gambia River is an exciting new initiative for sustainable, responsible tourism in The Gambia that makes it easy for those interested to embark on an African adventure journey. The trail north and south of the river aims to spread tourism to the rural The Gambia while introducing people to an authentic African culture through new, authentic, community-based and historical experiences. The journey itself and the numerous, unique experiences are full of challenges, adventures and new experiences. On the journey, you will sometimes reach your own limits, you will experience the incredible warmth of the people in all situations, you will be immersed in the history and tradition of the country - all this will broaden your own horizons and will create magical change in yourself. Embark on your personal journey and experience the magic of The Gambia. Hakuna Matata is a good advice for this tour, or as they say in Wolof: Jëfandikoo, am na lu baax.


Angelika Mitterer
The story of the Austrian architect Angelika Mitterer tells us that the only constant in life is a change and how this can be used as an opportunity for a positive change in one's lifestyle habits.

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