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Village Vibes: A Podcast Series

My Magazine 2023/05
3 min
Author: Amy St Pierre
Introducing a podcast series from Amy St Pierre, owner of the Good Vibes Eco Lodge in Kafuta, The Gambia. In this series, Amy will share her insights on slow living and sustainable farming practices in the Gambian countryside.

Amy and her family have found joy in living a slower-paced lifestyle, which is centered around their eco-lodge. Their practices are sustainable and help to maintain the balance between people, the planet, and profit. They have also welcomed visitors from around the world to their eco-lodge, providing a unique and unforgettable experience in the heart of Africa.

In her podcast series first published in 2022, Amy delves into the nuances of living a slow and sustainable lifestyle. She also explores the vibrant culture of The Gambia, sharing stories and insights from her own experiences.

Whether you're interested in sustainable living, or simply exploring new cultures, this podcast series is for you. Join Amy as she shares her love for the Gambian countryside and her passion for creating a better world for all. Find all episodes below. 


Village Vibes: Eating As Locals Do

A lot of people are asking me what and how do we eat. Tune in to hear all about our food resources, ways of preparation and more. Enjoy!

Village Vibes: Village Life During The Early Years Of Childhood

Slow, simple and healthy. Observing babies, young children and my own daughter as they experience childhood in the village is so very interesting. In this podcast, I will share with you why I think village children are very healthy developmentally and what makes their childhood almost magical.

Village Life During 2020… Giving Thanks For The Journey

2020 has been a strange year in the journey of life. Somehow village life has kept me sane and happier than ever, even during these crazy times. Village Vibes musings... welcome!

What’s been happening in the village and at Good Vibes Eco Lodge this past month?

Life is good here in the Gambian Countryside. Good vibes in the yard, and ancestral energies are flowing in the bush!! Village life is never boring!


Village Vibes: Social Living in Africa

Let's talk about it with the Kafutarian!

Village Vibes: Questions and Answers with an American Traveller!

Amy and Desiree under a mango tree discussing Desiree's journey to Gambia and how it feels to be in Africa for her first time!

Village Vibes of the Green Season

Green Season is coming soon! The rains will fall on the dry and dusty land and bring forth a lush green that we will welcome!!

Village Vibes: A walk in the village

Take a quick walk with me through the village and to the main road.

Village life is like stepping back in time. People greet one another and enjoy a moment of human connection. A time to check in and see how our neighbours are doing. This friendly vibe really brings a village together…another reason why Kafuta is so nice!

Village Vibes: August is our special month!

Celebrating three years of Village Life...

Village Vibes: We love you MyGambia

Showing love for the MyGambia team and also an update from the bush.


Amy St Pierre
Owner of the Good Vibes Eco Lodge
Amy St Pierre and her family enjoy slow living in the Gambian countryside, where they farm and welcome visitors from around the world to their 'Good Vibes' Eco Lodge.

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