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Trip of the Month: A Day Trip to Tanji

My Magazine 2023/05
4 min
Near the Atlantic Ocean beach of the Kombo South District of The Gambia, Tanji is a traditional fishing village with a lush coastal reserve teeming with birdlife. The wide palm-backed stretch of white sand makes Tanji a fantastic shoreline retreat. If you're looking to get away from the frenetic pace of the city for a completely different vibe, a day trip to Tanji is the right choice.

The trip starts in the early morning when the first sunbeams meet you on the kayak on Tanji Creek. Even if you have never kayaked, this experience of Gambia's unique nature, when the sun rises over the tranquil mangroves, will leave you wordless with breathtaking scenery. The sounds of the birds and water are the only ones you would hear. 

After reconnecting with nature, head to Tanji Natural History and Ethnographic Museum. Founded in 1997, akin to an African hamlet - a 'living museum' of sorts, Tanji Village Museum is part open-air, portraying the traditional Gambian compound and nature trail. It is divided into different galleries which exhibit the authentic Gambia. The site reflects the villager's traditional roles and how men and women lived. At the same time, the temporary exhibitions bring together the handwork of local Gambia artisans and the dress style of various ethnic groups in the past: paintings, weavings, tie & dye and more.

The next trip stop is the skill centre's welcoming environment, where you can have a cultural experience of djembe drumming, which was purposed for passing on significant historical, religious and cultural information to future generations. With its intoxicating rhythm, your dancing and drumming masters will introduce you to the world of expressing happiness. 

This trip is completed by stopping at the famous colourful coastal fishing market of Tanji. The market tends to be busier in the morning and evening when the traditional fishing boats come to the shore with fresh catch. It's a bustling fish market where people sell, smoke, salt and make huge dry piles of fish.

Sounds interesting? Book your adventure with us and experience some of the important treasures The Gambia offers.


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