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Tip: How to book transportation from the airport?

My Magazine 2023/05
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When arriving in The Gambia via flight, little hurdles, such as unclear routes and schedules of public transportation, lack of information online and missing entries in Google Maps, seem complicated, especially if you are coming off a long-haul flight and all you desire is to dump your bags and rest before exploring a new, exciting destination.

But it doesn't have to be all nuisance and hold-ups when you can easily pre-book your airport transfers and dodge this hassle. Apart from getting you to and from the airport on time, pre-arranged airport transfers are convenient.

Let us know your date and time of arrival/departure, number of travellers, pieces of luggage and location of your stay, and we will provide a reliable transportation option for you.

Want to travel in style and hassle-free? We have an option for you as well. Comfort and VIP arrival and departure services are the perfect choices for all who want to take a fast track through all airport procedures and relax in an air-conditioned lounge while waiting for your flight or luggage arrival. Both arrival and departure packages include assistance, fast track through all procedures, luggage assistance and escort to/from the vehicle. With the VIP choice of the package, you will also receive access to the airport lounge and private transport to/from the foot of the craft. Add to that comfort or exclusive airport pick-up or drop-off, and your transfer will be worry-free.

Are you looking forward to travelling to The Gambia? Book your airport transfer with us and make your arrival smoother.



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