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Tune In: Eazee Mizee

My Magazine 2023/05
5 min
On a sunny rooftop with a panoramic view of the bustling streets of Brusubi, magic is made: with a few hits on his soundboard and some expertly measured clicks on a laptop, a series of random sounds turns into an enticing melody. Micheal Koroma, aka Eazee Mizee, is a true creative - producer, singer and songwriter.

Originally from Sierra Leone and raised in The Gambia, his musical career started years ago when he was still in school. A group of high school friends deciding to make songs for fun turned into something much greater: a passion had been awakened for Micheal. From there on, an upward spiral of creative energy launched him to start his career as a singer. Moving forward, he managed to teach himself the complicated technicalities of producing his own beats and sounds. 

When asked where he draws his inspiration from, he admits that sad songs invoke a lot of emotional energy in him that he can in turn invest into his songs. But don’t be fooled - Eazee Mizee’s music is vibrant and full of life force and good vibes. His musical idols are legends in the like of Bob Marley. 

One of his biggest challenges in the Gambian industry is the lack of collaborative effort of other artists and key figures in the scene. Another difficulty he encounters lays in introducing new genres - house and amapiano - to the Gambian population, as these musical styles are not as widespread and popular in the country - yet. For those of you new to the term Amapiano: it is a new genre that emerged from South Africa and took the world by storm, fusing afrobeats with house and techno style music. 

In 2021, Eazee Mizee launched his debut album titled “Lust”, featuring 14 energetic tracks, most of which were mixed and mastered by the artist himself. Many of his music videos also take on a different note, being uniquely shot in beautiful locations around The Gambia. Be sure to check him out on all music streaming platforms, as well as on YouTube! 

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