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Gambia Kayaking: Breath-taking day on a Tanji Creek

My Magazine 2022/07
8 min
Just 15 km away from the Senegambia area, you will find Tanji. If you have been to The Gambia before, have experienced various activities, and have seen many places yet, we invite you to join Gambia Kayaking.

Long sandy beaches, warm temperatures, colourful culture and smiling people are just a few reasons why the Gambia is one of the destinations you can visit throughout the year. No matter how you decide to spend your vacation in The Gambia, we invite you to consider taking your time to drift away from the beach area for a while.


Never considered kayaking in The Gambia? We completely understand. We haven't as well. But we came across Mark, the founder of Gambia Kayaking, and we wanted to know more about the experience his company offers. We contacted him and arranged a shooting day.


We came to Tanji at 4 pm and met Mark and his team. While having a short discussion about what and how we will record the video and use all our equipment, Mark invited us to experience one of their trips. We've been on many boat trips before, so we thought that this would be just another well-known experience we had had before. But it was just not like this. At all. We have discovered yet another scenic environment that took over our hearts.


Dividing the team into the boat and kayak enabled us to experience both.

The boat's electric engine with no sound was a blessing for our ears. It lets you be struck by the breathtaking, picturesque scenery and a peaceful and serene surrounding. The sound of the birds and water is the only sound you hear. Exploring nature in this way will soothe your heart, mind, body and soul.

Kayaking is a step closer to nature, water and animals. Being able to stop any time to adore Blue-breasted Kingfisher, Abyssinian Roller, Reef Heron, Spoonbill or Pelicans is precious and a novel experience. While rowing in the calm creek with no currents, your ride on a tranquil river, enveloped by the gentle breeze and birds chirping, will take you far away from the boisterous land. You will enter a world of unalloyed peace and tranquillity. You can even step out of the kayak and walk in the mud at low tide. Don't be worried about your physical strength; the guide will follow your pace or take over if you feel tired.

Mark, the owner and our guide on that day, knows every corner of the creek, all bird species, trees and other animals living in and around the creek. He is genuinely knowledgeable and passionate about the environment and animals. He and his team are turning the dumping site into a sanctuary. We are amazed by their work, efforts, and ideas about making it better, cleaner and greener.


Our trip included a stop on the island. This is a quiet place where you can hardly meet a human being. In the middle of nature, this is where you can have BBQ with your family and friends, do team-building activities, have a romantic getaway, play sports games, go fishing or enjoy a short disconnection from the hectic world. Many visitors also enjoy and have fun doing the mud walk on the island.

Sunset and sunrise kayaking trips are two extremely popular and most wanted trips. Adding a full-moon trip to their offer may change that. It is also possible to rent a kayak for a whole day (without a guide). Or you can book an organized full-day trip which includes breakfast and lunch.


The trip is recommended and suitable for all ages. It is a getaway trip for friends, couples, groups and families with children. It is possible to arrange the trip also for people with disabilities.


Even if you are not a birdwatcher, enthusiastic nature and animal lover, or have never kayaked before, we promise you that you will enjoy the trip with Gambia Kayaking. After going once, you will surely want to return again and again.


If you want to create your own experience with Gambia Kayaking, let us arrange everything for you.


Gambia Kayaking

Embark on one of our signature sunrise tours where you can experience Gambia’s amazing nature coming alive as the sun rises over the tranquil mangro...
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