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Tune In: Imani Sallah

My Magazine 2022/07
13 min
Imani Sallah is a young talented Gambian musician who has loved singing since she was young. Her mother, who is her singing partner at home, was once in a girl band, and it could be said Imani's talent comes from her mother.

˝I have always loved singing at home. I would sing in the toilet; I sing with my mum when we cook or just sit around the house,˝ she said.

In 2019 when Covid hit, and places were locked down, it became an opportunity for her to tap into her talent and let the world hear her amazing voice. She began writing songs. Her first song, "Come for me", was a love song she did in collaboration with another young male artist named Youngebs. The song became a hit within one year. Afterwards, she produced two more singles.

In 2021 she launched an EP called ˝Khol Ma˝. She wanted the audience to pay attention to her and discover the impressive art that she had to offer. The album was well-received, and her following kept increasing.

Imani's music was unique among her peers, branching out to R&B through afro beats. But as a school-going young lady in her third year, she had to halt her career completely to concentrate on her university studies. Since she has now graduated, she is looking to relaunch her career and continue from where she stopped. Imani describes her comeback as easy even though she has not been in the limelight for a year. Her talent in the art is undeniable, and fans are waiting for her to give out a new hit soon. Imani reveals she will release her comeback music in a few months.

˝I am pretty excited to come back˝

Being a young girl in the music industry is a huge challenge in The Gambia, where males dominate the music industry. People believe that females will never pursue their musical careers for long because of their future responsibilities. As for her, she believes that it doesn't have to do with family responsibility because everyone has responsibility, male or female.  It has more to do with the perception of people toward female artists and how the audience treats them. However, Imani is determined to keep on pushing through her career.

˝I am not going to let that hold me back˝.

Aside from music, she has other pursuits like modelling, dancing and vlogging. She signed a contract with a modelling agency in Amsterdam when she was 12, which also helped boost her music career by gaining a lot of following beforehand.

Photo Credit: Imani's Personal Archive

She concludes the interview by thanking fans for supporting her music and advising females who have dreams not to let their gender hold them back in whatever they want to achieve.

˝If you want to do anything, set your mind to it and keep pushing, never give up on your dreams and don't let your gender hold you back ever˝.

Photo Credit: Imani's Personal Archive

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