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Beach of the month: Tanji Beach

My Magazine 2022/07
4 min
Tanji is a village on the Atlantic coast with a strong fishing tradition. It is also where you can get active with different watersports on Tanji creek or at the seaside. Or you can just enjoy one of the welcoming small beach bars dispersed on the shore. Fall in love with Tanji beach.


Tanji fishing centre

Tanji has a long tradition of fishing. When you cross the bridge entering Tanji, you will see the crowded market area, full of people selling and many cars waiting for the passengers. Not too far from the main road lies easily accessible Tanji beach, which turns into the liveliest fishing market, especially in the afternoon when fishers return to the shore with their daily catch. A perfect place to experience the fishing market or buy one of the many Gambian fish or seafood fresh from the sea.

NOTE: Please be careful when taking pictures. Do not take photos of people without permission.


Gambia Kayaking

When entering Tanji from the north, right after the bridge on the left, you will see Gambia Kayaking. A perfect choice to experience a peaceful day combined with a bit of activity on the Tanji creek. Gambia Kayaking offers kayaking tours, boat trips or the possibility to rent kayaks. You can enjoy a peaceful environment while gliding through the mangroves, full of colourful birds. Suppose you want a picnic in a remote spot without any disturbance. In that case, you can do that at one of the islands, easily reachable by boat or kayak.

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Happy Corner Beach Bar & Camping

Welcome to a calm and peaceful beach bar with a scenic view. Accessible by road with private parking, it offers a nice spot for relaxing on the beach. Enjoy local dishes or order your fish and chips in advance. Bring your tent or rent it on the spot and enjoy the campsite or decide on the unique holiday experience in their RV house on the beach. You will never be bored here as you can enjoy various activities such as surfing, fishing, drumming lessons and boat rides.


Kebz Smiling Beach Bar

If you want to reconnect with nature and are a fan of camping, this is the right sport for you. Kebba will welcome you with open arms and happily share his time and knowledge with you. The bar is usually closed during the Mango Season, but you can still use sunbeds and chairs on the beach. You have an option to book accommodation in basic lodges or camp directly on the beach with your tent.


Suuberay Culture Point

A bar and restaurant directly on the beach is a perfect spot for relaxation. Friendly service and privacy for you and your friends will make your day at the beach rememberable. You can always find shade under the palm trees. You are welcome to come with your tent. Food is available on preorder. Check out their Sunday programs.

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