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Saffron – The Spice Kitchen welcomes you

My Magazine 2022/07
4 min
Saffron – The Spice Kitchen – A restaurant that, though very young – barely three years old – has been attracting clients and attention with its above-par service and attention to detail in its food.

As you sit in the busy ambience of the Senegambia strip, you cannot help but notice that Saffron always seems busy, with fresh aromas of sizzling platters mingling with the smiles of the staff. The colours of Saffron, possibly one of the most exclusive yet mild and subtle spices in Indian cuisine, perfectly match the ambience as the day moves on.

The flavours of the dishes are unique and distinct. The platters whipped up by chef Bipin, who is always smiling, make the experience in Saffron a pleasurable one. Magic in the kitchen is displayed to the guests by the knowledgeable and well-trained staff – all neatly clad in signature uniforms. You most often will find die-hard Saffron clients there on almost a daily basis. Sports lovers – be it Football, Rugby or Formula 1 fans, are regulars – and they keep the bar and kitchen busy. Live music by Papa Rudy and Kutz to have a dedicated following – all involving the service from the bar and the bevvy of Indian cuisine from the Saffron's kitchen.

If you like ambience, authentic Indian food – with good service, you are bound to like Saffron – The Spice Kitchen and are quite likely to return for more.

Saffron -The Spice Kitchen

Senegambia's newest spice bar & restaurant, from the Vineyard stable. Authentic Indian and a wide variety of snacks to go with your drinks......
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