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Interview with the creators of Brunch&

My Magazine 2022/07
18 min
What started as a friendly game of golf became something that adds value to the lives of professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives here in The Gambia.

We recently sat down with the team of Brunch& to learn more about this collaboration and its exciting future. The group consists of Dr Ismail Badjie, a Pharmacist and Healthcare Provider; Oli Saja Taal, an Event Coordinator; Mr Robin Nachif, an entrepreneur; and Momodou BT Senghore, a Civil Engineer.

Coming from different professional backgrounds, they all know the value of networking and saw that there was no networking culture in this country. The Brunch& team has created something that many will benefit from. With their amazing energy and genuine desire to help The Gambia succeed, this country can be proud of these 4. The synergy of this group is amazing, inspirational, and very conducive to making important and needed things to happen. They encourage Gambian professionals, visiting professionals, and professionals who have moved to this country to participate in their activities.

These monthly events bring people together to network while participating in fine dining and healthy, fun activities.

Professionals can choose to attend the 2-day event or just one. Saturdays will consist of exciting activities, and Sundays will include fine dining at the Plass-Bi Restaurant. Both days will find you creating a great network of people and resources. Events such as this will help you grow professionally and personally.

As professionals, the team knows that work can keep you very busy, so it is imperative to take time for yourself and to be a bit playful! These events will leave you feeling energised, renewed, and exercised. Excitement also comes from the suspense of not knowing the next month's challenge or activity.

Whatever the Brunch& team does, they do it to the best standard possible, bringing their own value to the event. They are striving to change the narrative of what Africa has to offer and promote African excellence, specifically Gambian excellence. They want people to know they don't have to leave the Gambia to do what they want.

If you are a busy young professional or looking for a team-building experience for your business, Brunch& 2-day events are probably just what you need.

The events are held at Plass-Bi, a Gambian-owned business that promotes Gambian excellence. Their vision aligns perfectly with Brunch&Events.

What will the team plan next? Keep your eye on their social media @brunchnevents to keep updated. How exciting for the Gambia that this incredible group of people have come together to offer just what was lacking. Many thanks and congratulations to you all.


Fun two-day networking events to meet great people and eat amazing food in the Smiling Coast of The Gambia...
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