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Weather in July

My Magazine 2022/07
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You probably think since it is the wet season, The Gambia is not a place to visit at this time. It is indeed the wet season, but the light shower will NOT spoil your holiday.

The tiny African paradise has two seasons, each season lasting six months. The wet season begins from May to October. The green season is when the beauty of the smiling coast can be enjoyed. At this time, the places are fresh and relaxing, green and rejuvenating. The rains are not very heavy in July; it rains for a few hours before it stops, and the sun begins to shine. The weather is warm during this time and sunny. Therefore, allowing you to walk the beach and relax on sunbeds. You can also swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

Bring light summer clothes and a showerproof jacket when coming to the Gambia this month. The warm temperature in the Gambia is boosting at this time of the year with an average temperature of 28°C. The average high temperature rises to 33°C, and at night it decreases to 24°C. The sunshine shines for 12 hours daily, and the sea temperature is 27°C. There is an average of 17 rain-affected days this month with an average rainfall of 232mm.

Photo by Miha Godec

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