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Where to shop in The Gambia?

My Magazine 2022/07
4 min
Travelling is about experiences and memories and sharing them when we return home. If you are the kind of traveller who likes to buy souvenirs that will remind you of a special place on your travel, then you might find the following information very useful.

In the tourist concentrated areas in The Gambia, you'll find many supermarkets, pharmacies, fashion retailers, shopping malls, electronic shops, craft markets, fruit and vegetable stalls and more.

Suppose you favour locally made souvenirs and local goods and want to contribute to the livelihood of Gambia's home-grown carvers, weavers, clothing-makers, and natural products vendors. In that case, there are many options for you! Their quality of workmanship is generally outstanding, and the best deals can be found in markets and local areas. By finding them and buying from them, you will be giving back to the community that is supporting you on your travels, and you will also meet fascinating people and have more interesting stories to tell. You, as a traveller, can directly affect a positive, responsible tourism outcome through shopping.

Bargaining on the markets is an innate part of the purchasing process, and paying 15% to 30% less than the initial asking price is usually a reasonable deal.

We think it’s important to think about buying souvenirs more as a way to support and learn about communities you visit than about the new object soon to grace our mantelpiece, shelve or wall.


From the moment you enter Arzalia, the only chocolate boutique in The Gambia, the aroma of hand-crafted chocolates, caramels, sugared almonds and pralines decadents consumes you. If you love chocolate, this is a place to visit when in The Gambia.

The story of Arzalia chocolate and souvenir shop began 12 years ago when Sonia visited Lebanon and saw a place with chocolate, decoration, candy boxes and so on. She fell in love with this idea. Nine years later, an Imam asked Sonia where he could buy chocolate or sugared almonds in a nice box as a gift for a newborn. It was challenging to find them. Therefore, Sonia decided to put her idea about a chocolate boutique into action.

Learn more by clicking HERE


Senegambia craft market is a place where you can find a good range of local crafts including quality batik clothing, jewellery and beads, handmade leather shoes and bags. Go shopping in a relaxed mood, be patient and take time for bargaining.



Mr. Jawo learned how to make shoes in Ivory Coast while visiting his uncle in 1989. His uncle was the one who introduced him to the shoe business. In 1992 he came to The Gambia and established his own business.

His ideas for shoe designs come from his own ideas as well as from his customers. They are always looking for the latest designs, so shoes are selling out fast.

The price of shoes differs. It depends on the type of the shoe you want. If the design is complicated, the price will be higher. If you need a simple design, the price will be lower.

Check our interview with Mr Jawo


Farm Fresh is the first online fruits and vegetable store in The Gambia established in 2014. They partner with farmers to find access to market and sell their fresh produce online; vegetables, fruits, organic products, and many made-in-the-Gambia products. And they found out that they need to have a platform where they can sell their products and not to be taken advantage of by middlemen. They don’t have storage facilities, so whenever they harvest, they need to quickly sell or get rid of their products, otherwise they get wasted.




MyFarm is a creative hub set up by Africa Startup where people of all ages can come to learn, train, and share knowledge and ideas. At MyFarm we test and fine tune all of our ideas ready for them to be shipped across the world. Everyone is welcome at MyFarm and everyone who enters should leave learning something.

They have amazing natural products in their shop. They make all their products at the farm using sustainable technologies wherever they can. They have soaps, skin care products, food products, etc. 




Serrekunda market is a traditional market, where locals from the nearby communities meet to trade goods, in a community-like atmosphere that offer a glimpse into Gambian culture.

Known for being one of the oldest markets in The Gambia, Serrekunda market has become a profound cultural destination that sits proudly at the top of the list of places to visit in The Gambia, making it a memorable stop for travellers.

The market continues to be home to an array of local produce and products such as fruits and vegetables, Gambian spices, nuts, herbs, oils, fisheries, as well as other goods such as clothing, footwear, household supplies, phones and so much more.

Check photo gallery by clicking HERE 




Silver is very popular in The Gambia. If you look around, you will be able to see at least one ring and bangle on the hands of ladies and men. We are introducing an insight into the skills of gold and silversmith brothers, Mamat Ndure and Njaga Njie.


A Family owned company for over 19 years!
Made 100% in The Gambia, juices are unique as most fruits are sourced from our family farms in The Gambia.
All our juices are made with sterilised water, and only sugar is added - nothing else.
You can also order juices without added sugar. 

Flavours are Wonjo (Hibiscus), Baobab, Ginger, Tamarind, Kaba, Mango and Orange. 

Contact details for orders: +220 7725302 (Amina Sarr) 


Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience at our shops and African Art Gallery at the Senegambia Beach Hotel (at the hotel entrance and upstairs inside the lobby) and Kombo Beach Hotel (closed in the low season). We look forward to welcoming you!

Address: Senegambia Beach Hotel and Kombo Beach Hotel
Working hours: Daily from 9am to 7pm in the low season, and from 9am to 9pm in the high season




Ousman is a resident at Footsteps Eco Lodge, where he does his weaving art. Learned from his father, he continues the tradition of handmade woven fabrics using traditional handloom and weaves. He will be happy to welcome you and do a workshop with you. He is also a part of the Gambia Cotton Trail available for booking at Footsteps Eco lodge.

Contact: Ousman Sambou +220 774 5411 



Yusupha offers moringa seeds, moringa tea, coconut ginger cake, baobab powder, wonjo powder, moringa oil, lemongrass tea, hot pepper sauce, netehtu, and many more natural and healthy products. He plans on opening a bigger shop in the future to sell all those products he makes on his farm.

If you buy his products, you are directly supporting him and his dreams. Who knows, you might even change his story and life altogether.

Contact: Yusupha +220 331 3677

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