Arzalia Chocolate and Souvenirs

My Magazine 2022/05
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From the moment you enter Arzalia, the only chocolate boutique in The Gambia, the aroma of hand-crafted chocolates, caramels, sugared almonds and pralines decadents consumes you. If you love chocolate, this is a place to visit when in The Gambia.

The story of Arzalia chocolate and souvenir shop began 12 years ago when Sonia visited Lebanon and saw a place with chocolate, decoration, candy boxes and so on. She fell in love with this idea. Nine years later, an Imam asked Sonia where he could buy chocolate or sugared almonds in a nice box as a gift for a newborn. It was challenging to find them. Therefore, Sonia decided to put her idea about a chocolate boutique into action.

She started to create different boxes and decorate trays for special occasions. When people see them, they really like them, and they begin to encourage her to make it a business. It was also difficult to find delicious chocolate in The Gambia; she decided to import quality chocolate from Lebanon.

Sonia is a super talented and creative woman who can make your event or special occasion super sweet and special. She is always available to prepare tailor-made gift boxes for a newborn, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, graduation celebrations, birthdays or any other special day. They also prepare baskets, trays and boxes with varieties of chocolate for events where organisers want to treat the guests with caramel, candies, sugar-free chocolate, dark chocolate for diabetics, chocolate with flowers, and dragées, and more.

There are various kinds available, and some get changed out for the season and important holidays, but the best-sellers are always available. If you are a chocolate lover, you will be in heaven here.

The chocolate is weighed, and you can buy it from GMD100. In an air-conditioned shop, you will be able to mix your favourites to match your wishes. The chocolates are decadently rich and indulgent. Smooth texture or not, the ones with nuts, dark chocolate, or pieces of candy, depending on what you like. There truly is something for everyone. 

They are passionate about providing the community with a chocolate experience to be remembered. From handmade chocolates to chocolate-making parties, there is something for everyone of every age to enjoy!

It's very easy to go overboard, but follow social media to be updated when they are running specials on their chocolates.  

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate your next event?

Are you celebrating life's special occasion?

Visit Arzalia and make your own chocolate creations!

Located in Kotu, TK Motors building, 1st floor.

Arzalia Chocolate & Souvenirs

The first chocolate and souvenir shop in The Gambia offering best quality chocolate of various flavours, shapes and colours with unique handmade giftw...
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