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Anja & Alex: Our Gambia

My Magazine 2022/05
2 min
Anja and Aleks are a couple who recently came to volunteer in The Gambia. Anja is a student of Economics and Business from Slovenia and Aleks is a professional photographer from Serbia working in Greece. Anja is also a sponsor to a Gambian girl Rohey, so they also spent time with her and her family.

Their stay at the Smiling Coast and their work in the Brufut School "Kids are the World" brought us many wonderful impressions in the form of photos, videos and short stories they created - about volunteering, sponsoring, travelling, exploring and tourism, all topped by excellent photography. Children were crazy about them, and their goodbye was very emotional. We hope that these kind young people, ready to explore new horizons, are coming back soon, and this is how they presented us with The Gambia through their eyes and lenses.


Before we set off for an unknown land, something was completely clear to us, "our life will turn around for 180 degrees in 3 weeks". We got ready and then went to The Gambia with no expectations and no fear of the culture shock many people describe. What we soon found out was that this was one of the smartest "preparations" before leaving for Africa, in addition to the camera, of course, which was a must and the most important piece of equipment on our trip. Without a toothbrush, we could do, but without the equipment to create photo and video content - no way. 😜

Gambians describe their homeland as Smiling Coast, and it doesn't surprise us why so many people keep coming back again and again. People are attracted to the positive vibe, which is not lacking in The Gambia. Despite the conditions in which people live, they are smiling, kind-hearted and always ready to help. Of course, their life is completely different from ours, but being different enriches us, makes us special, and people crave difference. Thank God that we are able to learn about the differences on this planet Earth.

Our Gambia was spectacular in every way. From children in kindergarten who take you to their world with their naughty childish energy to exploring beautiful places and taking photos and learning about the way of life of the locals, to the very first emotional acquaintance of my Gambian girl Rohey and her family and finally, most importantly, to self-knowledge and self-discovery!

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to discover the Gambia, meet many new people with big hearts and unconditionally help as volunteers and work with the organisation "Kids are the World" and the "My Gambia Magazine".

I could still write a lot, but let the video about our Gambia speak for itself.

Enjoy watching, and welcome!

Kids Are The World Organization

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