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Beach of the month: Brufut Heights Beach

My Magazine 2022/05
7 min
What is your favourite type of beach? Full and crowded, lonely and private or somewhere in between? This month, we explored Brufut Heights Beach, and we love it. Why? Read more.

We all know Gambian beaches are a bit atypical when it comes to the images of the vast areas of sunbathing fields full of resorts, beach bars and sunbeds. Mainly, those parts of the beach belong to more prominent beach resorts and bring a lot of attention from the fruit vendors, souvenir sellers, and other bypassers.

One of the beaches, not too far away from the tourist concentrated area, still offering enough places to rent a sunbed and enjoy your cold drink while not being disrupted through your relaxing beach time is Brufut Heights Beach.

Although it is hardly accessible in some parts, since the cliff, which marks the height of the so-named area, it is one of the cleanest beaches, offering a whole strip of small and cute beach bars where your drink will be served with a smile on the face. Plenty of palm trees and magnificent baobabs decorate the place giving it extra value with its guarantee of shaded spots.

Maybe the peacefulness of the area was a bit exaggerated since we visited the beach just a few days before the end of Ramadan; nevertheless, we still enjoyed our walk on the beach while meeting the friendly staff of the hospitality points on the beach.

Harmony Resort Boutique Hotel  

Harmony Resort Boutique hotel is located on the cliffs of Brufut Heights, providing undisturbed views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great place to enjoy a pool for a day or a meal at the in-house restaurant. If you miss the beach, The Atlantic Ocean is just a short walk down the cliff.

Open all year round.

Ocean Villa Heights Boutique Hotel

Ocean Villa Heights is a boutique hotel nestling on the cliff tops overlooking a pristine beach. You can enjoy a daily pool pass, vast garden or organize your event there. The restaurant is open during the high season, serving continental food. You can access the beach through the garden using a magnificent staircase.

LEOS Beach Hotel & Restaurant

The Boutique Hotel at the Beautiful Beach of Brufut also has a restaurant serving international food. High standard and soothing quiet in a modern ambience with African accents guarantee that you can spend a relaxing and inspiring time.

Open in the high season only.

Joyehto Beach Bar & Restaurant

Joyehto beach bar and restaurant provides affordable African and European food, hosting numerous ceremonies, picnics, camping, and organizing field trips. While relaxing at the beach bar, guests are entertained with drums to their satisfaction by the staff. They have Weekend music, pool games and a mini football pitch.

Open all year round.

Dolphin’s Beach Bar

Beach Bar and Restaurant with local food, drinks and music, provides sunbeds, shades and also surfing lessons with an option to rent a surfing board.

Open all year round.

Serengeti Beach Bar

Jet skis, ATVs, live music, DJs, great food, amazing drinks and Sunday brunches. From Atlanta, Georgia, to The Gambia in Africa, Serengeti Beach wants to offer authentic American Food and good times.

The soul Food Joint 

Beach Bar and Restaurant offers food, drinks, sunbeds and tents for your stay under the palm trees. They also provide music entertainment for guests.

Open for most of the year.

Vitamin Sea Beach Garden Camping

This beach area is nestled in beautiful nature and extensive natural beach. Enjoy your time around a wonderful flower garden, in the baobab lounge or in the campground under the selection of tropical trees. One can drop by for coffee, and drinks or use the campground in a nature-rich life. Sunbeds available. Beach Garden is pro eco, having most of the place built out of natural materials.

Open all year round.

Coco Cabana Beach Bar and Grill

Beach bar and grill serves a variety of delicious dishes, mainly fresh seafood, and vegetarian or meat dishes. Enjoy drumming lessons, Hunting dance on Saturdays or Reggae nights on Sundays.

Open all year round except in Ramadan.

Shakers Beach Bar and Restaurant     

Food and drinks plus sunbeds available. Join in for a fire reggae night party every Saturday.

Open all year round except in Ramadan.

Jam1 beach bar and restaurant

Serving food, drinks, and providing sunbeds. Enjoy Reggae night with them every Sunday.

Open all year round except in Ramadan.

Jimmy’s Beach Bar

A beautiful beach bar providing drinks and food, both European and African. Enjoy drumming lessons on Sundays.

Open all year round.

Villagers Beach Bar

Beach bar offering food and drinks and provide sunbeds to customers.

Open all year round except in Ramadan.

Pontus Beach Bar and Restaurant

Offering a piece of mind for beach lovers, one can enjoy the tranquillity of the place, surrounded by magnificent baobabs and palms. Providing sunbeds, freshwater shower after swimming and discouraging loud music or noise to ensure maximised relaxation. Food and drinks available.

Open all year round.

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