The Inauguration of the British International School Gambia

My Magazine 2022/05
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Education builds nations – it makes leaders – The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr Muhammad Jaganna, stated as he followed up on remarks made by the Head and the person behind setting up the First COBIS accredited international school in The Gambia, Mr William Arthur.

On the newly built premises in Kotu, The Gambia, the school was inaugurated. The building was deemed open by His Excellency David Belgrove, British High Commissioner to The Gambia, in the presence of a relatively large number of dignitaries and personalities. The Ministry of Education was represented by its Permanent Secretary of MOBSE.

A tour of the building, with several classrooms already equipped, lent credence to the aims and goals stated by the Head – a centre of educational excellence, bringing state of the art teaching and learning methods to The Gambia. Classrooms and laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art projectors, computers and printers, including 3D Printing, Mr Arthur explained as he took High Commissioner and others on a quick tour of the building. Easy staircases, classes with attached toilets, and well-laid laboratory installations boasted a sufficient plan into the infrastructure.

The school has concluded the recruitment of qualified, international experienced teachers, and will also have limited students per class – with a fee structure that will fit in well within the current structures across other schools – and yet have an option for social responsibility which will be high on the agenda. A board of Governors, carefully chosen and assigned a task of ensuring that student welfare and management of expenses with quality of teachers and administration are carried out under the strictest of plans as under guidelines from NGA /COBIS will be a highlight of ensuring that the ultimate beneficiaries of this institution, are the students. Ethics and good governance are our principal mottos, said Mr Arthur.

The Chairperson of the Board of Governors, Ms Koren Ankers, remembered her schooling days as the best days of her life, was reminded that the role played by parents at home and governors at school helped shape her for her future – and that she would endeavour to ensure that as Governors, the students would be the ultimate beneficiaries of this institution.

Mr Arthur thanked Ms Ankers, Mrs Astrid, Mrs Andrea and Mrs Liane who helped him push his dream through.

If the ambience and energy at the inauguration are anything to go by, then The Gambia has a bright future with state of the art and modern education here to stay.

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