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My Magazine 2022/05
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Cycling - a hobby, a sport, an exercise or a mode of transport. The cycle is and will always play a role in our lives. Whether you cycle or not, a cycle is more or less involved in your daily life - not surprising that they call your routines in life - a life-cycle.

When we travel around the world, we see how cycles have, and are playing a role. Some super developed countries are going back to reducing the burden on fossil fuels by creating cycle only roads and lanes. Some city centres do not permit private motorized vehicles, so people use either public transport or commute by foot either walking or with pedal-power.

But then, one sees a contrast - between cycling as a sport or an environmental statement in a modern Western world, and then in an emerging world, to a large extent, the cycle as the cheapest and most essential and efficient means of transportation after " walking". And gradually we see that the emerging world is becoming the destination for tourism from the more affluent part of the world. Most of the destinations, catering for this rather growing breed of environmentally conscious tourists, are slowly promoting cycle tours - and in Africa where we believe the largest numbers of tourists will be going to in the current and in a post covid era, will look for a breakaway, off the path cycle tours.

Cycling is also environmentally friendly, sound and a fun way to travel while in The Gambia, as it gives you a deeper insight into the real Gambia. 


Cycling around to small or remote villages will allow you to interact more with locals, enjoy fresh fruits along the way or even join a family for African food. Cycling in The Gambia is ideal as the landscape is generally flat. Renting a bike with guided tours is possible in The Gambia. Many small lodges around the country offer bicycles and cycling tours. There are also a few in tourist concentrated areas. 



Biking in The Gambia is exciting but also demanding as there are no pave ways for bicycle riding. Bicyclers will use the same roads as vehicles and need to be vigilant while on the streets to keep them safe.


However, cycling gives you that total independence to travel around. It allows you to explore well off the beaten tracks enabling you to make routes accessible where vehicles can’t reach because of the roughness or where you need to cross creeks.  


Cycling in The Gambia gives you an opportunity to camp and travel responsibly to remote villages and lodges that allow you to take your bike into your room or to a store for safekeeping. Another interesting thing about cycling in The Gambia is that if you get tired of peddling, you can transport your bike on top of taxis or bush taxis to your final destination.


Moreover, there are numerous attraction places within the tourism development area where cycling tourists can visit on bikes like the Kachikally Crocodile pool, Bijilo Monkey park, Tanji fishing centre and museum, Gunjur village museum, Bintang Bolong lodge, Kartong village, AbCas creek and a lot more Eco-tourism centres in the country and beyond. 


There are not many tour companies offering guided cycling trips, but the few among them are:


West African Cycling Tours

Omar Bike Tours Gambia

Tomorrow Bicycles Rental Services (Banjul)

Darboe's Bike Rental (Kotu)


To find more biking routes in the Gambia check on to know more cycling paths to follow whiles enjoying the beauty of The Gambia on bikes.

MyGambia will be investigating the availability of cycles and tours in the future editions.


If you want to book a tour or you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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