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The 19th Hole - a Facelift is Underway!

My Magazine 2023/04
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The Fajara Club in Gambia! This members club is gradually becoming increasingly popular - a spot for hanging out, chilling out and winding down after work - whether swimming a few laps, hitting golf balls or knocking a shuttle on the badminton court. Youngsters and parents find the Fajara Club a safe, secure and tranquil environment to relax. Young parents are increasingly teaching kids either swimming, tennis or golf! And many of these activities are made all the more enjoyable in the appetizing ambience created by the 19th Hole - The Fajara Club's Restaurant.

Members frequenting the Fajara Club may have noticed a flurry of activity at the 19th Hole. There's some exciting work in progress! And the encouraging news for the members & guests of the Fajara Club and the 19th Hole, in particular, is that as of February this year, significant changes are underway to take the 19th Hole to a new dimension!

The awning in the patio has already been replaced by a more robust, sturdy one, and new tables and chairs are in place at the patio and by the poolside. Bright lights have been installed around the premises, and after dusk, the trees around the pool area twinkle with fairy lights wrapped around their trunks!

Considering the diverse nationalities of the Fajara club members and the non-members who frequent the Club, the new menu will feature Continental, European, Gambian, Mediterranean, Asian and Indian cuisine. And it will offer more comprehensive breakfast options to the early birds. Definitely, something to look forward to!

The new management at the 19th has not overlooked their bar buddies either. The Bar will soon have many more beverage options available, enticing football, rugby, F1, cricket and all sports enthusiasts to converge at the 19th Hole to enjoy their favourite sports telecasts. It's going to be GAME ON time at the 19th!

The other upcoming improvements at the 19th Hole include smart uniforms for the staff, and additional staff to serve members and guests, while the 19th offers a broader menu from a more contemporary kitchen.

The 19th Hole at the Fajara Club will be your favourite venue to host meetings, events, and parties in an ambience not available elsewhere.

Be prepared -  Fajara Club is getting itself a new look 19th Hole - to cater to breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner needs for anyone looking to enjoy a calm, sporty and secure atmosphere - ideal especially for families with kids.

Welcome to the new 19th Hole at the Fajara Club!

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