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Creating a Magical World: Connectedness

My Magazine 2023/04
4 min
Author: Angelika Mitterer
One of the most basic needs of us humans is belonging somewhere. Feeling connected to a person or a group of people gives us a sense of security and safety. This feeling arises when people with the same interests, opinions, and preferences of life goals are met. But how do we create relationships with other people and how does it feel to be connected?

Safety, security, acceptance, appreciation - for us humans as social beings, these emotions are enormously important as parts of connectedness. They give us support and strength, create trust and are the basis for a self-determined life. The feeling of connectedness corresponds to a happy life spent in a beneficial community. Whether that is the family, the partner or a group of people - when we feel connected to others, it gives us strength and fills us with joy. These emotions enrich our lives. We share happiness and love with other people and experience these feelings much more strongly as a result. We grow together and can trust each other in difficult times. Feeling connected to someone or to others is one of the most powerful feelings we can have.


We all are one

Emotional connection prevents the feeling of loneliness, which is very difficult for us humans to bear. Because loneliness is not in our nature. As I have already described in one of my previous articles, we are all connected to each other in a large energy field. (Creating a magical world: Unique). We are all one. For centuries, integration into a group was necessary for us humans to survive. Only within a community could the dangers of the wilderness be mastered well in earlier times. It is only in recent decades that life as a single person or as a lone warrior has been established by our modern, globalised and digitalised society. As a result, the feeling of connectedness has become a very personal and individual matter. We all have certain ideas about social relations. The feeling of connectedness is therefore very much related to our expectations. It develops in the balance of closeness and distance.

I see the theme of connectedness as an important foundation of our work at IN∙US. What would our real estate projects be without the people, without our wonderful community? Empty building shells? Solely an investment without emotions? What makes our exclusive, high-energy living spaces special can only unfold its effect in connection with its inhabitants. The last months have shown how important and wonderful it is to be surrounded by the right people, to network and experience connectedness.


Our fantastic IN∙US community is growing

Now a very special time of the year has come. Fasting in the ninth month of Ramadan began on 23 March. Many of our employees on the construction site are Muslims and therefore they fast between sunrise and sunset. During these 30 days, regular prayers and actions which are motivated by charity and modesty are particularly prominent. For Muslims, Ramadan is a time of inner contemplation and reflection. At the same time, the month of fasting stands for social and cultural exchange, empathy and compassion. People invite friends and neighbours to break their fast after sunset during this time to show their connection with them and to strengthen the feeling of togetherness.


Outside the comfort zone

For us, this time means investing even more in the topic of team building. When the physical limits of our employees are pushed to the limit, it takes a strong community. Clear and safe leadership of our team is just as important as solidarity and consideration for each other. Because we know exactly - magic and miracles take place outside the comfort zone.

Strengthened and with high-level energy we will master this time together and let the feeling of connectedness have its effects on our work and at the same time the walls of our Kasumai project.   IN∙US is only about the people. About those who invest, live in our houses and those, who help us to make this joint project come true.

IN∙US - Shape the world together!


My insider tip of the month for The Gambia!

Through a conscious connection with ourselves, we can experience a stronger connection with other people and the world around us. Yoga is an excellent practice for this. Yoga creates a deep connection between our body, mind and spirit. Yoga exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation help us to connect more consciously with our body and our breath and to become more aware of our thoughts and emotions. Yoga teaches us to cultivate mindfulness, compassion and respect for ourselves and others, and to expand our awareness of our own connection with everything around us. Yoga philosophy emphasises that everything, as we already know, is interconnected in the universe and that we are all part of a greater whole. In Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, "yoga" also means "connection".

The Gambia has an excellent yoga programme at the Fajara Club. Several times a week, Yoga Bliss Gambia by Melissa Dashwani offers yoga for women and men there. On Saturdays, Melissa also does a yoga session on the beach. This way, everyone can easily fulfil their need for connection, to themselves, to the other yoga participants and, by the sea, to nature. See you at the next yoga class!


Angelika Mitterer
The story of the Austrian architect Angelika Mitterer tells us that the only constant in life is a change and how this can be used as an opportunity for a positive change in one's lifestyle habits.

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Portrait of an artist: Ebrima Gitteh


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