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Tune In: Idealistic Guluchi

My Magazine 2023/04
5 min
A visionary and revolutionary singer in the Gambia, Idealistic, is one of the most consistent artists who still keeps on doing what he started with, despite the challenges in his career path. Idealistic's real name is Modou Lamin Jeng.

He took up the name Idealistic when he began his music career in 2007. He is a reggae artist from Brikama, where he was born and brought up. Idealistic was born to a family of musicians. His brothers became his source of inspiration to make music.

His professional music career took off when joining a lineup called Revolution Redeem, being the least known artist of the collaboration by that time. The song Sinking Thoughts became his hit song, talking about how people are governed in society and how human beings can embrace each other and not allow agendas to divide them.

In The Gambia, reggae, dancehall, hip hop and RnB are genres that are less recognized by the general audience. Artists in these genres of music find it hard to make their music career reach the height they seek. Some never even get to be known outside their community. Others quit while most change the style of their music to more mainstream genre. However, Idealistic has been consistent for the past decade. The urge for fame and wealth did not let him put an end to what he loves. He believes Reggae music is conscious music, and it was once the most sought music genre in the country.

˝We have to accept changes in the industry, because this is an industry that is ever changing.˝

Idealistic sings about freedom, peace, love and unity. He is the voice of the voiceless and fighter for those who have been wrongly denied their freedom.

Most of the music promoters in the Gambia are based in the Serekunda region, which is also one of the challenges for artists living far from the area. They have a more limited opportunity to be featured in big concerts. These have been some of the major issues he faces as an artist. The music industry of the Gambia is yet to be fully industrialized, which is also a major challenge for many musicians in the country.

Covid-19 brought a lot of hurdles to music artists. Idealistic believes that this pandemic has also brought good things. It has strengthen the virtual music platforms and has also increased the number of followers on social media pages.

˝I am also happy that Covid-19 has brought many more followers to our social media platform˝.

The Gambia is sometimes referred to as little Jamaica. Jamaica is an island where reggae music and dancehall music are from. Many tourists travel to attend musical concerts in Jamaica. Idealistic believes this can also be a way of attracting music lovers in The Gambia, especially reggae. Bars, restaurants, hotels and other tourist platforms use reggae music as a form of entertainment for tourists who visit the country.

˝I am telling tourists who are watching this interview, come to the Gambia. We have great reggae music for you.˝

He is currently working on his first collaboration with a reggae artist in Jamaica. He is also working on his album called Sweet Gambia. In the next five years, he sees his music career at its peak. In his opinion, Reggae music is one of the greatest pieces of music in the world to soothe souls.

˝I always have the same message for the world. Let's keep the peace, love and harmony. Let's not allow politics to divide us˝.

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