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Wollof Dictionary: Numbers

My Magazine 2023/04
4 min
When going to the market, the thing you will need the most is the knowledge of the numbers.

You have to tell the vendor how much of each item you would like, and the vendors might not always speak proficient English. Also, you will need to learn numbers if you will want to bargain for the price in the local language. Maybe this way you will get a better price without putting extra effort to it.

So here is how you count in Wolof:


To build your vocabulary, here are some examples of a conversation that might happen at the market:

Asalamalaikum! - Peace Of Allah Be Upon You!
Walaikumsalam! - Peace Of Allah Be Upon You Too!
Mangi Jaay Nana - I Am Selling Mint.
Mint Nyaatala? - How Much Is One (Bunch)?
Benna Juroom - One Is Five Dalasis.
Kon Jaayma Netta - Then Let Me Buy Three.
Jerrejef! - Thank You!


Kai Len Jenda - Come and Buy!
Mandarine Yanee - Mandarine Is Here; Fresh One!
Salamahalaikum - Peace Be Upon You!
Walaikumsalam - Peace Be Upon You Too!
Client Na Ga Def - Client, How Are You?
Jamma Rek Client - I Am Fine, Client!
Madarine Nyaata - How Much Is Mandarine
Jelal Benna Bu Neka Nyaar Fukka Ak Juroom - Buy One for Twenty-Five.
Pom Nyaatala - How Much Are Apples?
Pom Nyaar Fukka Rek - Apple Is Twenty Dalasi
Jaay Ma Nyaar Madarine, Nyetta Soransi Ak Beena Pom - Sell Me Two Mandarin, Three Orange and One Apple
Lolu Rek Nga Buga - That’s All You Want?                      
Bahna - Okay
Client Jaalal Gerrte Ma Jaay La - Choose Groundnuts, I Sell It to You!
Gerrte Nyaata - How Much are Groundnuts?
Jelal Bi Nyaar Temere - Take This for Two Hundred
Loolu Bari Na – That’s Too Much.
Waani Ko - Reduce It
Nyaata Nga Fey - How Do Much You Pay?    
Temere - Hundred
Waw Lagi Feyal Temere Juroom Ak Fukka - Now Pay Hundred and Fifty, and Give You

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