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Behind the lens: The River Gambia

My Magazine 2023/04
1 min
Author: Lara Touray
The River Gambia is not just a body of water that flows through the tip of the African continent. It is a testament to the resilience and strength of the people who have thrived in its embrace for centuries.

The River Gambia has been a vital artery for West Africa, a gateway to trade and commerce, and a source of sustenance for local communities. It has witnessed our triumphs and tragedies; the River Gambia is a repository of memories, a witness to the joys and sorrows of the people who have lived along its luscious banks. It is a symbol of the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the fishermen who glide along its gentle breeze, the creativity and playfulness of the children who have played along its shores, and the hard work and determination of the mothers who have washed their clothes in its waters.

The River has seen it all, from the rise of the Mandinka empire to the Abolition Period. It has been a silent witness to the struggles of the people who have lived and died along its banks, but it should also been a source of hope and inspiration for generations to come.

As we stand by the smoothness of the river Gambia, we should be proud of the rich history and culture that it represents. We should remember that it is not just a stream of water, but a symbol of the strength and natural beauty.

Let its gentle spirit of hope and resilience guide us towards a bright and empowered future. 

Text and photos by Lara Touray (@lajoyra)

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