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Experience fine dining at The Buddha - Restaurant & Lounge!

My Magazine 2023/04
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Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort is a top five-star luxury hotel in the very heart of Cape Point, Bakau. Sitting proudly on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the hotel boasts 195 luxurious rooms designed to suit various budgets without compromising on comfort and quality. The beautifully manicured gardens, swimming pools, restaurants, spa and conference facilities add the finishing touches to the magnificence of Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort.

The Buddha is one of the in-house restaurants at the Ocean Bay - a classy, cosy and upscale establishment specialising in high-class East Asian and South-East Asian delicacies. Located on the foot of the Atlantic Ocean with spectacular views from the dining room, The Buddha creates a stylish and intimate atmosphere that speaks of elegance, exclusivity, and sophistication. 

What sets The Buddha apart from other restaurants is attention to detail - carefully curated lights, beautiful organza curtains in shades of wine, comfortable seating, finest silverware, glassware and cutlery, lovely place settings, stemmed gleaming water goblets and wine glasses on tables, and soft, pleasant music playing in the background. 

The menu at The Buddha is expensive, elegant, and unique. This is because your meal is prepared by highly skilled chefs who use their craftsmanship and fresh highest-quality local ingredients to create exquisite dishes with international flavours, which are then beautifully presented to you. You can choose from Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian cuisine. 

The wine list, selected and compiled based on extensive wine information, contains something for everyone - from alcoholic to non-alcoholic beverages to complement your meal.

The style of fine dining at The Buddha is an age-old tradition with its rules and nuances. A higher standard of etiquette is expected of its customers, and conversations are kept quieter so as not to disturb other tables. Young children are traditionally not allowed to be a part of the fine dining experience at The Buddha because the menu is not designed for the palates of the little ones.

When planning to visit The Buddha, please remember that fine dining restaurants occupy a peak in formality and price. It means that the prices you pay will be higher because of the top-notch ingredients, high-level service and upscale feel. But in return, you can expect a unique, exclusive, and high-end dining experience.

The Buddha exudes elegance and formality - an appropriate setting for a business dinner, a romantic date, a relaxing evening spent with friends, or special occasions such as an anniversary, a birthday, or a wedding. This is because the menu features items you would only eat occasionally.

So, when you want an exquisite experience that removes you from your routine, there's nothing more special than a fine dining restaurant like The Buddha. This fine dining tradition continues to live on for diners who appreciate the finer things in life.

Want to enjoy delicious meals in Buddha while staying in The Gambia? Why not book your stay at Ocean Bay Resort & Hotel and have your favourite cuisine just a few steps away? Book your stay with My Gambia and let us take care of everything for you. 


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