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Lobster Night at Tamala Beach Restaurant

My Magazine 2023/04
3 min
Who doesn't like barbecues? It's impossible not to love the rich, languid, sweet smoke that imparts so much flavour to the meat and causes the senses to explode in delight before the first bite. Those wisps of smoke may be ephemeral, but their effect on us is anything but. And the truth is that the aroma curling up from the grill makes everyone practically drool in anticipation of the grilled delights coming their way.

And now there is great news for all the BBQ lovers!!! As of February this year, Tamala has devoted Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights to bringing you exquisitely barbecued delights - lobsters, tiger prawns or ribeyes! And that's not all. The kitchen has been brought out in the open, so you can watch your food grilled and plated by the Tunisian and Gambian chefs!

 The lobster and tiger prawns are fresh from the day's catch, marinated in exotic spices and then sizzled to perfection in the outdoor charcoal grill. Served with fresh salad in edible filo pastry baskets, in-house fresh bread, crunchy breadsticks, and crispy golden fries and brought together beautifully in large alabaster platters. 

If you're watching your calories or like to eat healthily, you can substitute the fries with mashed potatoes or fluffy white rice.

Not a fan of seafood? Tamala Beach Restaurant also serves impeccable BBQ Ribeyes. The alchemy of low-and-slow smoking ribs will certainly intoxicate your senses. The A La Carte is always available if you're not in the mood for any of the above. 

Tamala Beach Restaurant also has a great selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal. 

You have a choice of three dining areas! The deck on the beach allows you to be one with nature (please bring a cardigan as it can get quite chilly in the evenings during winter). The second patio dining area provides some shelter against the cold evening breeze. And the third dining area faces the spectacular pools - perfect for those who prefer the indoors and a bit of warmth. 

At Tamala, they believe in the absolute freshness of the food - be it the seafood, the meat, the bread or the vegetables and fruits! That's the secret of their piquant cuisine. 

Lobster Night is available on Thursday nights, Saturday nights and Sunday nights from 7 pm to 11 pm. 

Want to try it for yourself? Book your table with My Gambia!


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