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APS shows support to the community during Ramadan with Iftar (APS NDOGU)

My Magazine 2023/04
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As most people in The Gambia follow the holy month of Ramadan, their daily activities and work are harder – even with fasting, they have to provide for families, and many of them meet the time of breaking fast on the way home from work. Some don’t even have a chance to break fast with their family as they must continue their job.

APS Group (which consists of APS Money Transfer in the UK, Europe, USA, and APS Islamic Microfinance in The Gambia) sees social responsibility as one of their core values.

This is their 4th year in a row that APS has undertaken to serve Iftar/ndogu to commuters and the public during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Over the next four (4) weeks, APS will hold ten public iftar/ndogu events at key locations, serving food parcels, water, and dates to the community. Two main hospitals (EFSTH and Serrekunda Hospital) will also benefit from APS Iftar 2023 (for the patients, their escorts, and the health workers). Their rural branches will also be offering sugar and dates in their communities.

APS Islamic microfinance will also be donating cash power to light up mosques during the Ramadan period as worshipers spend more time at the mosques.

As a Gambian-owned and managed company, APS has a responsibility to give back to the communities they serve through various interventions such as:

  • Creating community-based employment for Gambians
  • Supporting critical sectors in the Gambia (health and education sectors)
  • Providing safe drinking water to local communities (boreholes)

As a leading international remittance company from the diaspora to The Gambia, APS is present in 19 countries (in the UK, European zone, and the USA), to serve Gambians and friends of The Gambia. With their great customer service and a strong network of branches and agents across the country, they are making money transfers easier and faster, which is of key importance for many families living in The Gambia, receiving a helping hand from abroad.

In The Gambia, APS Microfinance company provides Islamic financial services to Gambians in its drive for financial inclusion. The company started full-scale operations on the 1st of December 2021, offering financial services to Gambians and residents of The Gambia. The bedrock of their business model are Islamic finance principles, products, and services, which promote transparency, fairness and risk sharing. APS is a shariah-compliant Financial Service provider, and all their products are fully compliant with Islamic Finance principles and best standard practices.

APS has also recently launched a mobile wallet in The Gambia (called APS Wallet) to promote financial inclusion and access to financial services across the country. The APS Wallet, which is available on any network and any number in The Gambia, will provide several use cases to Gambians and provide benefits to its users.

The management of APS wishes to thank all its staff and partners for the service rendered to their customers.

Most importantly, to their customers, APS International is saying thank you and RAMADAN KAREEM!!! APS appreciates all its customers, who are the reason why we are in business. Everything they do is possible through the patronage of their valued customers both in the diaspora and in The Gambia.

To learn more about APS International, click HERE


APS International

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