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Creating a magical world: Unique

My Magazine 2022/12
4 min
Author: Angelika Mitterer
One often wonders why everything in nature works together in such a miraculous way, how it is possible that so many small pieces of the puzzle harmoniously create a big picture. With a spiritual approach, one recognises the law of unity. Everything is one. All information, no matter what kind, is already there.

The knowledge of the laws of the universe has existed since time immemorial. They affect us humans at every moment and influence our daily thoughts, feelings, actions and ultimately the visible results of our actions on the outside. With regard to the law of unity, it is important to learn to return to the essentials and to trust one's personal elemental force.

We must become aware that our thoughts create vibrations and put our body into a certain resonance. We are then receptive to precisely these frequencies and receive impulses.

The morphic field

Everything is connected through the morphogenetic fields, which are the memory of nature. All knowledge, all information is available there for everyone. Consciously or mostly unconsciously, we can retrieve all the information we need from the morphogenetic fields. Through their interconnectedness, thought transmissions take place incessantly, mostly by chance – we usually call them intuition. Paulo Coelho described this concept as a sudden immersion of the soul in the universal current of life, where the life story of all people is connected, and where everything can be experienced because everything is written down.


One's own intuition opens one's personal spaces in which one can perceive worldly and spiritual autonomy and creative power in a pure way. With a strong, conscious feeling for this connection to the morphic field, one directly influences one's own outer world through individual resonances and can shape and form it accordingly for oneself. We thereby discover our unique creative power and can unfold our personal potentials. Only when we live our uniqueness can we grow and realise ourselves as individuals.

The magic of success

Our industrial society clearly had a performance-oriented definition of success. Digitalisation brought a change of this paradigm, and a new approach has emerged over the last decades. Today, those who live their uniqueness are successful. When the fun of doing is the driving force, we act in a self-determined way and are in our element. This is when we are bursting with energy and creativity. Everything feels easy. For us, living in a self-determined way means being independent in many ways. Our search for security, the performance-oriented, externally determined society of the past has become dependent. No one wanted to leave their comfort zone; secure jobs, preferably without responsibility, were in demand. The possibility to improve one's own status was the only thing requested. In times of intense change and with the help of the extensive possibilities of the internet, we are now taking advantage of the new opportunities of our time and coming into our own creative power. Those who live their uniqueness are self-determined and independent.

We of INUS ( want to support this actively lived freedom in the best possible way with our projects. We offer investment opportunities that promote and guarantee personal independence and freedom in various ways. Our new project in Sanyang consists of a series of single-family houses that enable the residents to live self-determined lives. With its own groundwater well and sustainable energy supply by means of a photovoltaic system, the independence from the public system is given in this respect. At the same time, a generous plot of land makes it possible to grow one's own food in the associated garden area. You decide yourself what will grow and how and how to develop the plot according to your needs.

Green Investment

During the planning development as well as the implementation of the building project, great importance is attached to sustainability, high-quality building materials and longevity of the building. In addition to an effective planning strategy and the sustainable selection of materials, our special focus is on the creation of a bioenergetic building concept. Feng Shui elements are incorporated into the design.

High user comfort, the support of individual lifestyles and the implementation in three different development variants additionally distinguish our project in its uniqueness.

To be effective, to stand out, to develop an individual style, to show strength and talents, to live out one's own creativity, to take a stand and make suggestions, to have influence, to bear responsibility, to make decisions clearly and to create new possibilities - all this reflects our personal uniqueness in the development of this project. For only when you are authentic, if you live and realise your dreams, you can truly serve others with your unique creative power.

Photo by Miha Godec

My insider tip of the month in the Gambia!

The colourful birdlife is certainly unique in the Gambia. With around 550 bird species, the small West African country is an absolute bird paradise. It lies on the migration route of numerous birds and is also home to a variety of different tropical birds. The exciting West African birds in the Gambia are trusting and anything but camera-shy. The variety and number of bird species is absolutely surprising for most visitors. Especially along the mighty Gambia River, the colourful birdlife can often be experienced at close range. There are now also some national parks and nature reserves in the Gambia that tourists like to visit. In any case, it is a unique experience to discover the wonderful birdlife in the Gambia!


Angelika Mitterer
The story of the Austrian architect Angelika Mitterer tells us that the only constant in life is a change and how this can be used as an opportunity for a positive change in one's lifestyle habits.

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