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Bakau Craft Market

My Magazine 2022/12
2 min
Bakau craft market was established in 1971, located on the Atlantic coast of The Gambia, which is also part of the Kanifing Municipal Council. It is one of the Gambia's finest craft markets. It has a lot of tourist attractions due to its location.

The craft market is very organised and tidy. The shopkeepers and artists even have a head who is like a leader. They address him as the president of the craft market. It consists of over 20 shops with well-mannered vendors. The shops are appropriately arranged with the items they sell, and they treat customers like family.

You can find various mind-blowing crafts, and it's where you can become choiceless when finding an art you want to buy. They have wooden crafts of different animal statues, be it an elephant, a rhino, a giraffe etc. You will also find crafted sculptures of cultured African men and women doing various activities.

Whether you are looking for a textile or a colourful fabric, Bakau Craft Market has vibrant African materials that have already been sewn in an elegant African style.

If you have never had a painting in your house, we suggest you take a look at the colourful images at the craft market. You will surely love them.

Now that we have mentioned most of the things that the Bakau Craft Market has, we need to remember to talk about one of the most common cultural equipment you find in every craft market you enter in The Gambia. If you visit the Bakau craft market, you can have them in different sizes and designs. If you are thinking of how you travel with a drum, you need not worry because you can have a portable one.

Shopping at the Bakau craft market can be a great experience because after buying the things you need, you can branch either to the Kachikally crocodile pool or the Cape Point beach and refresh and enjoy the cool breeze of the sea.


Do you want to visit Craft Market with a guide? Contact us, and we will make your experience carefree. 

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